Is Playing Electric Guitar Hard?

Gibson DG-335 Inspired by Dave Grohl Electric Guitar PicturePlaying electric guitar is not hard enough. Basic guitar play is the same on electric guitar or accoustic guitar. The different on both type guitar is how they produce the sound. The electric guitar sound is produced by electronic signal. The accoustic guitar is produced by the hardware it self.

As beginner guitar player, you probably better to learn accoustic guitar at first. If you know how to do with your guitar and you feel happy with it, you can go to learn electric guitar.

To learn electric guitar you need extra money, you will need new electric guitar. Electric guitar is more expensive than accoustic guitar. You will need amp to, the better amp cost higher.

If you want to master electric guitar, you must learn hard. You can go to music school nearby your home. Learn from the master, and you will be a master someday.

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