Ibanez AX7221 Guitar

Ibanez AX7221 Electric Guitar PictureIbanez, the 7-String Guitar Company
Ibanez is a well-known 7-string electric guitar company. You may notice that many companies have started to produce 7-string electric guitar. Why the best 7-string electric guitar player still use Ibanez exclusively? Ibanez produces this 7-string guitar with great quality. Ibanez has experience to build better 7-string guitar than other companies. So you will not disappoint with this electric guitar.

Ibanez also has the superior selection of sevens for heavy players, progressive players, and traditional jazzers. Seven strings. Ibanez. It’s that simple.

It has 7 string, perfect body, perfect frets, and light weight. This electric guitar is great. It has very solid and always stays in tune, great sound, and great pickups. The hum buckers are very nice.

This guitar does not have tremolo, because it not designed with tremolo, but it still good. Some users say the neck is too heavy and too fat, they must 6-string users. The neck of 7-string guitar is fatter than 6 string guitar, this why the 7-string guitar is heavier than 6-string.

It made very well and very good, you can trust Ibanez’ quality. Although this guitar is made by Ibanez, you must take care this guitar, if not the hardware will rust on you. Some people also complaining about the tuner was not placed well and the screw was ripped out when playing hard, this could be because the user did not take care their guitar. Anyway many users proud of Ibanez AX7221’s quality, you can believe them.

This guitar is worth every penny and a whole lot more. If you buy this guitar, you are getting a major deal. Check latest price.

You can play with almost any amp you have. It will sound good. This guitar can be played almost in any genre, classic rock, heavy metal, even jazz. The added B string is great for playing hard rock or metal.

The sound is very clean when you play without effects. When you add effects, they sound very clear.

The quality of this guitar is very good. The sound is very well. It is worth each dollar. You will get more than its price.

Technical Info
Neck Type: AX-7
Body: Mahogany
Fret: Medium
Bridge: 7-string standard
Neck Pickup: AH1-7
Mid Pickup: n/a
Bridge Pickup: AH2-1

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