Epiphone Dot Studio Electric Guitar

Epiphone Dot Studio Electric GuitarThe remarkably affordable Dot Archtop Studio Electric features 2 vintage alnico pickups, all black hardware, and a rosewood fingerboard.

This guitar feels great, looks pretty cool with the Black Hardware and pickups, and sounds great with only one tone and volume switch, it’s so easy to use and set up. simple and fun.

It was made well. It has one volume knob and one tone knob its nice and simple. The sound is fantastic and unbelievable with the low price. Not a blemish. The frets are good but not polished. The frets are smooth on the edges, none sharp or sticking out at all. The neck is straight. No jack problem, no switch problem, no intonation problems, no wires in the f-holes, frets were very good, the tuners rock solid. could deliver an electric and acoustic quality.

This guitar has great sustain, great midrange tone and big balls in either neck or bridge pickup for solos. This guitar sounds better than the faded Gibson SG and its a lot cheaper. It sounds amazing with a crate amp. It clean through a 20W drive amp to practice at home. The sustain is all day long. The tome is really fat. Any sound you want is in there. More experienced sound. Perfect for any type of music.

Ease of Use:
With only 2 knobs and a switch its very smooth shifting the gears on this Dot Studio, the neck is fast and feels so good in your hand, its hard to put her away. Mine weighs about 8 pounds and that’s acceptable. The action is at 1/16 inch at the twelfth fret. The intonation was off, but there was plenty of room for correction. No problems with this guitar. No buzzing or ringing. Just plain music for everything. The ease is very “easy.” nothing too hard for anybody.

The sound is right on but the guitar is drab appearing, no flash. Super value though. It has all the things the BIG GUY has so of course it will sound like it. All maple body and neck and alnico humbucks and the sound is there. Your not gonna find a guitar this fine for so little. Again, For the money you get a good, reliable guitar and with a couple upgrades, it will give a Gibson a run for its money for a fraction of the outrageous money Gibson charges for their guitars. Check latest price.

It sounds like the Gibson Lucille and it plays great, great action and it’s lighter in weight than Lucille. It’s very sweet. Yes very good. The black hardware matches up greatly with my “worn cherry” color. It gives it a kind of “hey! Unfortunately not all Dot Studios are of this quality. For comparison I played a handful of real dogs. But then again, I also played a few Gibson’s that were nowhere near as good as they should have been. For the trouble of playing a bunch you might find one that totally jives with what you want and need in a guitar. If you’re a beginner, nothing is lacking.

You expect to be satisfied for a very long time. No complaints.. This is what you went looking for and You found it. A guitar that played the blues so easy it just pours out of it. No muss, no fuss it’s easy to get that great sound, you didn’t fiddle around searching for it. It sounds like Lucille and anyone can afford it.

Technical Info:
Pickups: 2 Vintage Alnico Humbuckers
Hardware: Black
Scale: 24.75 in.
Nut Width: 1.68 in.
Neck: Set
Neck Material: Maple
Fret board: Rosewood/None
Body Mat: Laminated Maple
Top: Laminated Maple
Tailpiece: Stopbar

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