Epiphone G400 Vintage Electric Guitar

Epiphone G400 Vintage Electric GuitarHere’s the Vintage guitar you’re not afraid to play every day! Epiphone’s SG-shaped Vintage G-400 has the well-worn look and feel of a favorite guitar. It’s Worn finish showcases the wood grain (similar to Gibson’s popular Faded series). The Vintage Series’ well-traveled look has another advantage when it comes to maintenance: The satin finish and ‘aged’ inlays on the fingerboard require less cosmetic care than guitars with a glossy finish and new-looking inlays. The G-400 has a one-piece neck with super satin finish, humbucker pickups, chrome hardware and tune-o-matic bridge

Design is very nice and quality used components like humbuckers or very pretty wood-mahagon. But the mark is 9, because the head of this guitar is too heavy and when you play guitar is falling down,because of this head. 2 volumes, 2 tones, selector, It’s nice having a tone and volume pot for each pickup. The lack of tremolo arm is also slightly limiting. Mine was the worn cherry color and the accessories are great. The humbuckers sound great and the Grover’s work well. Its a shame there’s no whammy bar. Grover tuners a 57 classic hb, set neck, all mahogany, neck binding, and trapezoid inlays…..all these things make the looks and sound of this guitar kick ass.

It is finished to a high standard, there was a paint blemish on mine, but that’s not really a big deal. All the components seem to be of a high quality and nothing has broken yet. Its fairly weighty compared to other cheaper guitars which clearly shows the quality of the wood. Everything put together great neck is really smooth and not “sticky feeling” like some guitars. Very sturdy. It is made great from what I’ve heard it doesn’t break at all for the most part. It is made with great quality.

Top notch. Had to tighten the jack retaining nut about 1 1/2 threads, but that wasn’t too bad. The set-up of the guitar was perfect. Intonation was spot on right out of the box. The finish was of a quality of a guitar 3 to 4 times the cost of this item.

The sound is equal to the LPs in the same setup. Sounds are good for pretty much anything. Through many amps its sound is awesome. With this guitar you get great sustain, volume, distortion, and clean sound. Only sound problem was when did bend B or high E string above the tenth fret. This was easily fixed by slightly raising the bridge. Pretty much what you’d expect from an SG. Sounds great clean and full and crunchy on overdrive. Excellent for Rock and Metal or anything that needs a crisp, full tone.

Ease of Use:
Its a guitar, and as far as the controls(two volume, two tone) they made it to where you can get any sound out of the guitar, but kept it simple enough to where anyone can figure it out(unlike the fender jaguar HH) vintage g-400 compares easily to the Gibson SG special faded. it’s pretty easy to use compared some guitars. The neck is very natural and comfortable however you will notice that it is neck heavy. this is really annoying for a few days but then you get used to it and it’s fine. Having the full 22 fret access is makes soloing a lot more comfortable. The Grover tuners are excellent; you can trust them to stay in tune.

Value :
Great value. Feels like a Gibson. WELL WORTH THE MONEY. In short, its the best, next and closest thing to a real Gibson SG, so in terms of value, its damn good. Check Latest Price.

Very sexy guitar and so hot!. It can make anyone look cool on stage. When you show it to people, they automatically say “wow” that must have cost loads!”
This thing looks great with the binding, finish, inlays, hell everything about is amazing. This guitar was actually better sounding that a Gibson! So yeah, this is an excellent guitar, and is particularly good if you wanna get that nice 1976 dead boys sound. Excellent guitar for the price.

Amazing guitar. Yeah, over all, its a good deal, the guitar never breaks or anything, so all your thrasher guitarists that want a SG, this is the one to get. Think about this, Chino, the singer/guitarist for the band Deft ones, played a G-400 for the whole Ooziest tour in ’99, if a professional artist played one for a whole tour, this is a well kept secret of a guitar, if you know what the mean. It’s the best sounding guitar.

Technical Info:
Pickups: 57m humbucker, Hot-B humbucker
Hardware: Chrome
Scale: 24.75 in.
Nut Width: 1.68 in.
Neck: Set
Neck Material: 1-piece mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Trapezoid
Body material: Mahogany

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