Ibanez RG1527 Prestige 7-String Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG1527 Prestige 7-String Electric Guitar5-piece neck. Edge Pro 7 bridge.

Since 1987, the Ibanez RG has been the weapon of choice for visiting sonic mayhem on the metal masses. With the right choice of pickups, flat and fast necks and double-locking trems, the RG has divebombed and crunched its way to classic status. To the RG’s lethal combination of features, RG Prestige models add the comfortable, rounded feel of Prestige neck finishing, drop-dead good looks and top-shelf electronics and hardware.

The guitar comes with the (edge pro 7) knock off of the Floyd Rose its a very good term and once you get use to it, it is a very big part of your everyday use. Only compare with a zr7.

The only small complaint is that the cut out for the 24th fret is a hair short so if you have longer fingers your in luck. The wizard neck is so comfortable and fast it almost plays itself.  Almost no problems making the jump from 6 string to 7 string and now. The pickups are really nice and there are no dead spots on the neck. The term is as good. Well, actually better than the old edge trems that I’m so used to.

Of the included accessories, it was interesting to note that the whammy bar isn’t the screw-on type, but rather then push-in / pull-out style.

The color is the only complaint but it isn’t bright like the pictures. Its more toned and could be mistaken for black. It’s a very sturdy guitar very reliable. It sounds just as good in the studio as it does on stage. This guitar should last a good 10 to 15 years. These guitars are very well built, especially the Prestige lines.

Its really good if your into metal progressive rock and its also good for most hard rock its a perfect guitar when u have like a fender which u can use for the different type of music. This instrument is versatile as well as powerful you can use it for just about anything. Just by backing off the volume knob or tone knob, you can clean this up even with high gain settings and get nice strat tones or completely clean it up and the low b almost has a piano like tone to it. You will really impressed.

Ease of Use:
The sound pretty much sounds amazing right when you plug it in, the IBZ pickups are not match for Emg 707’s but they hit perfection when putting these pickups with this wood. Its rather easy to modify this guitar. Its really easy to use the guitar, has a very fast neck amazing body. The manual is very useful the only learning curve is the seventh string but you should get use to that if you just practice.

It’s your standard 5-switch, 2-knob, 2-pickup Ibanez with 24 frets. Once you stop trying to wear it like a hat, it’s pretty easy to figure out what to do with it. The neck is extremely comfortable and fast and the trem never knocks it out of tune.

This is the best 7 have ever played, it is worth every penny. Its pretty much worth every cent. Check Latest Price.

It looks awesome as u can see diff colors would be good.

Try it out…if u even like it slightly at first just get it…the instrument will grow on you.
This instrument is satisfied for a very long time. Only dislike the color but if you think about it, You’re not buying the color your buying quality and sound.

Technical Info:
Neck Profile: Wizard-7 Prestige
Neck: 5-piece Maple/ Wenge
Body: Basswood
Frets: 24 jumbo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Edge Pro 7
IBZ V7-7 (H) neck
IBZ V8-7 (H) bridge
Inlay: Pearl Dot
Hardware Color: CK

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