Ibanez RG7321 7-String Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG7321 7-String Electric GuitarWizard II-7 5pc. maple/walnut neck. Fixed 7 bridge.

Since 1987, the Ibanez RG has been the weapon of choice for visiting sonic mayhem on the metal masses. With the right choice of pickups, flat and fast necks and double-locking trems, the RG has divebombed and crunched its way to classic status. To the RG’s lethal combination of features, RG Prestige models add the comfortable, rounded feel of Prestige neck finishing, drop-dead good looks and top-shelf electronics and hardware.

The guitar to use as an introduction to the 7-string family. 5-way pick up switch, tone and volume knobs, so you can get a good variety of sound out of it you could do the work yourself in about 20 min.. It stays in tune pretty good. No tremolo but if you wanted that get a different version be nice if Ibanez put a coil tap on the front pickup for some in and out of phase switching, it has four leads out of it.

This guitar is of similar quality to the much more expensive RG1570. Very sturdy, when dropped it on desks, floors…everything. don’t even have a scratch on it yet. Stays in tune really well also. If you are looking to travel with it, there are no worries. It takes a beating and keeps on playing like butter. Built like a rock and doesn’t lose tone. Say its lacking a tremolo as its not suppose to have one. This is how they keep it in the lower price range. A lot of people can say that the B string is muddy, but either a new pickup or a good amp could easily fix that.

The stock pickups  sound are powerful but very muddy. No matter it will get a set of Dimarzio’s soon. Stock pickups aren’t too bad. Giving crunch to the low B, and still giving plenty of bright sound for leads. Great guitar to use as an introduction to the 7-string family. Different pick up switch settings but you can think the bridge position sounds best.  
Ease of Use:
Pickups are nice and sensitive. Easy to get great sound form the guitar. Switching out pickups for some dimarzios or something is very easy. It was very easy to switch from 6 string to 7 string. Very playable for beginners as well.

Simplicity is sometimes the best route to take. There’s not a lot to screw up, it’s very user friendly. Plug and play would be a good term. The 24-fret neck plays very easily great action, and unlike some other 7 strings I’ve played with, it’s not hard to reach your hand around. String spacing is nice. No need to change an amp settings or anything.

Decent guitar for the price. Hands down the best value for a 7-string out there. It’s an extremely good value, especially if you can talk down the retailer. The price it’s set at is about perfect. It keeps some money in your pocket for upgrades and still gives you the luxury of a 7 string. Check Latest Price.

It’s got a sleek black finish and it’s a guitar with a long neck as well Chicks will be all over it. ‘Sexy.’ with horns of the guitar it makes it perfect to play it on stage.

This is a wonderful product, very worth the price; in fact, it may be considered a steal. This thing is built like a rock. Great value for a name, brand, and high quality guitar.
Overall this guitar is awesome. The neck is thin, fast, and well balanced!! It comes with some cool features even though it’s just a basic model, and it can easily fit in anyone’s budget!!! Thanks Ibanez.

Technical Info:
Wizard II-7 neck
5pc. maple/walnut neck material
Basswood body
24 jumbo frets
Bound rosewood finger board
Fixed 7 bridge
IBZ AH1-7 (H) neck PU
IBZ AH2-7 (H) bridge PU
Pearl dot inlay
Hardware color: black

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