Ibanez S7320 7-String Electric Guitar

Ibanez S7320 7-String Electric Guitar3-piece Wizard II-7 neck. IBZ AH1-7 and AH2-7 pickups.

¬†Ibanez’ sleek S was a revolt against the traditional Mahogany guitars of its time that were usually heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. Obviously it was a successful revolt as the S is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a wider selection of models than ever. Originally the S was designed as an all-around guitar. Now, however, the S finds its largest number of adherents among the practitioners of the more extreme forms of metal who appreciate the S for its unique combination of fat Mahogany tone and sustain with light weight and comfort.

The best feature about this guitar is the ZR trem, doing dive bombs non stop with it for about 15 minutes and went back to check the tuning, amazing that it was still dead on.
Guitar is a 7-string electric with a body that’s thin around the sides for comfort and thick around the pickups for tone. The ZR tremolo bridge uses ball bearings for frictionless arming and fast return. The pickups are rocking Ibanez AH for 7-string humbuckers.

Overall, not much wrong with it… but a noticed an overflow of glue around a few frets and some inlay markers. Nothing major, but it lacked some attention to detail you’d find on Japanese made Ibanez models and about this instrument is where the guitar cable plugs in, it’s kind of awkward especially when you go to unplug, and you almost have to yank the cable out by the wire and not the lead. The afraid it will be all scratched up eventually, but still the sound is incredible and it feels wonderful to play.

Unfortunately, the sound isn’t that great, but this is due to the low quality pickups. I’m sure if you swap them out for some DiMarzio’s or Seymour Duncan’s this thing will scream. That said, the stock pickups will get the job done.

It was a good bang for the buck at 700$. A good value, but it lacks in the pickup department. But again, the ZR trem is definitely worth the price of admission. Check Latest Price.

Ease of Use:
Setup was pretty damn good from the factory, and it played very well. No fret buzz anywhere on the neck. The action maybe could have been a bit lower, but nothing a good tech couldn’t adjust.

Technical Info:
Neck: 3-piece Wizard II-7 neck
Neck Type: Wizard II-7
Body: Mahogany body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl Dot
Bridge: ZR 7 bridge
Neck Pickup: IBZ AH1-7
Bridge Pickup: IBZ AH2-7
Hardware Color: CK

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