Ibanez GRX20L Left-Handed Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRX20L Left-Handed Electric GuitarStandard 6-point fulcrum tremolo. 2 humbuckers.

Now you can turn your back on traditional budget guitars that only feature single coils, boring finishes, and a bogus name on the headstock. The GRX has humbuckers for solid leads, metallic finishes, and every one is set up with the same stringent standards as the most expensive instruments from Ibanez. That’s why it proudly says “Ibanez” and not “by Ibanez” on the headstock.

This guitar is very light, which is good when you are into playing for hours at a time. The fretboard has a very smooth feel, making those scales much easier to master. And damn does it look good with a little polish. It included the standard accessories (short cord, allen keys, trem.bar, etc.) most useful features to me were the two humbucker pickups, no more no less.

well made guitar, It’s built solid, will last a long time. Doesn’t scratch that much. The string knobs on the neck, especially for the high e string, are getting a little loose, and it comes out every now and then. but that is easily fixed. Nothing was loose or broken,  trust it in any situation, without a backup and it’ll probably out live me (knock on wood).

The sound was very exceptional compared to past left-handed guitars I’ve played (which was really just right handed guitars with the strings flipped). Nice sound, it’s an Ibanez, what did you expect. Has a solid sound and is great for the price.

Great price for a very solid and well made guitar. A great little guitar at a great price, under of epiphone les paul. Check Latest Price.

Ease of Use:
It’s a guitar, going to take some time to learn to play, but if your with it, it is a fine beginner/ or step up from beginner.

This is one of the sexiest guitars. Black is standard for the left-handed mode. A different color pick guard would have been nice, but no complaints here.

This has the chic look, and a good, chunky sound. This is a very good guitar. Satisfied with this for as long as it will last, and it seems to be built to last. This guitar is a very solid and well constructed guitar for a very great price.
Technical Info
Neck Type: GRX
Body: Alder
Fret: Medium
Bridge: Standard trem
Neck Pickup: PSND1
Mid Pickup: n/a
Bridge Pickup: PSND2

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