Epiphone G1275 Custom Double Neck Guitar

Epiphone G1275 Custom Double Neck Guitar4 Humbuckers. Rosewood Fingerboard. Alder body.

A rock and roll classic, the double neck guitar! Featuring 4 Humbuckers and 18 strings you can be the envy of all your friends without exactly breaking the bank.

As good components as any higher-end model. Pickups were very responsive, low noise on the 12 side, which was nice. 3, Three-way switches (when the Gibson only has 2{which, in my experience, are the wrong way round}.

The extra selector switch that the Gibson model doesn’t have is really great for switching necks in the middle of a song if you want to use a different pickup, like if you want to use a treble pickup for a chord song but then use a rhythm pickup for a tasty solo.

The guitar is great. The finish is perfect, and, with the purchase of strap locks, you’ll never worry about it getting broken. Good except their is a line down the middle of body of guitar where the grain of wood is mismatched close up it ruins overall good quality, bet a Gibson wouldn’t have that problem, tuners are sloppy and need constant attention, junk pickups, junk tuners heavy strings.

The sound on the 12 string neck is clear and jangly – perfect for that vintage page-like tone. The 6-string is excellent for great sweeping solos and punchy rock n roll riffs. It’s really awesome for overdriven tones. The sound was much better than the old plywood model. Action way to high ridiculous, hard to play 6 strings are heavy gauge, pickups the worst need replacement no power or tone. Replace pickups a must Gibson, burst bucker or Seymour Duncan’s what the purpose of them saying guitar is set up with such high action everything must be reset fix these things it might have great sound.

Ease of Use:
It’s hard if you don’t have long arms, and it can get a bit heavy, yet very comfortable to play

Once you’ve mastered the technique this instrument is extremely fun to play.

Absolutely this is a good price for the guitar no compromise in quality definitely worth the money. It needs to be in the thousands! Check Latest Price.

Very attractive look and just the same Epiphone style all round great. It is dead sexy with time and good parts plus set up it is still cheaper than Gibson and might be good.

The only thing you could want after this is the real Gibson version. With really good pickups tuners and strings and completely resetting all action

Technical Info:
Pickups: 4-Humbuckers
Hardware: Chrome
Scale: 24.75 in.
Nut Width: 1.85 in. /1.68 in.
Neck: Set
Neck Mat: Mahogany
Fingerboard/Inlay: Rosewood/Parallelogram
Body Mat: Alder
Top: Curly Maple Veneer

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