Epiphone G400 SG Style Left Handed Electric Guitar

Epiphone G400 SG Style Left Handed Electric GuitarThe popular SG style featuring Alnico-V Humbuckers, and a beautiful Mahogany Body for lefties.

Every part is defiantly used but there is not a bunch of features for this guitar. The pick ups were nice and the looks and the finish of the guitar were very good. The only things you can think of to add to this guitar are coil taps, a phase switch, and neck binding. But all of that would change the vintage vibe and raise the price so its probably best as it is. Check Price.

This guitar is amazing!!! Best paint job for epiphone. The finish, etc were very good. Better in some respects than the Mexican made Fenders. The build quality of this guitar is astounding! The pictures you see of these do not do justice to the finish. It is absolutely gorgeous.

The rosewood on the fretboard even has a little figuring to it, and looks FAR better than Korean made Agile. There is a pinhead sized spot on the bottom of the body where there must have been a tiny air bubble. This is absolutely the best looking guitar for the money.

The sound is great. It strange that this model felt and sounded better than the Tony Iommi signature model and yet costing about half of what the Tony Iommi model cost. The G400 model is made solid and is quite impressive sounding as well as nice looking.

The pick ups had a nice bite to them in drive mode and yet when you played both pick ups through your old Ibanez chorus it sounded nice and full without being muddy.

The SG has a different tone than other similar guitars, and it takes a little getting used to. The sweet spots are in different places than other guitars for the neck pickup, due to it being a little further back from the fretboard than a Les Paul or others.

Maybe that’s why some have complained about the pickups because this guitar sounds EXACTLY as it should. Even tried other pickups and they did not have the pick sensitivity or the vintage tone, or especially the low-end balls that the stock ones do.

Ease of Use:
This is a nice thin guitar that sits well in your lap. Epiphones necks be a little on the thick side (except the Casino/Sheraton/dot models) for your hands.

This is THE biggest bang for your buck. No doubt, a great value for it being a second guitar on stage or very good first guitar that won’t find its way to traded in for a long time. Check latest price.

This guitar looks amazing!!!

Overall this is an amazing deal on a quality guitar that plays well and has a true vintage vibe and tone. The quality guitar to bring to the gigs if the weather is too cold or to hot and humid for Gibson Les Paul is exposed too.

Technical Info:
Pickups: 2-Alnico-V Humbuckers
Hardware: Chrome
Scale: 24.75 in.
Nut Width: 1.68 in.
Neck: Set
Neck Material: Mahogany
Fingerboard/Inlay: Rosewood/Trapezoid
Body Material: Mahogany

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