Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar

Yamaha SLG100N Silent GuitarMahogany Neck. Rosewood Fingerboard. Nylon Strings. Includes custom gigbag.

The Silent Guitar is one of Yamaha’s unique lines of Silent orchestral instruments, and they’ve continued this innovation with this nylon string guitar – perfect for practicing and performing! Check latest price!

Lightweight Composite Body
Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Rosewood Bridge
B-Band Pickup
2-Band EQ
Headphone Output
Aux Input
Limited Lifetime Warranty

This is a well known product that needs no further descriptions. A superbly well designed frame type silent guitar, a true work of art for the third millenium and already a classic.

It has a detachable upper rim and can be slipped into an equally well designed gig bag.
Active piezo pickups deliver a very good PIEZO tone… more on this later. More Features!

Fantastically made as you would expect and reliable, I have never had a problem. It is not made to be thrashed but can be looked after very easily and the dismantling for the gig bag is excellent, and a great idea. The looks cool as well. Will last as long as I play the guitar.

Excellent and loads of combinations. It is easy to play with a few on-board effects like reverb. Many different sounds can be created using the correct equipment Still the sound is pure and natural as can be a classical guitar.

It sounds much better through good headphones or a good acoustic amp. What a pleasure to play through an amp with no feedback problems! Like all good classical guitars, strings definitely change the sound and feel. Ease tried lots of different strings and found that the sound with the stock strings can easily be improved upon.

The had top pick for this guitar is LaBella Elite Classical 900B with polished gold basses and black nylon trebles. On this guitar the polished basses have a rich and clear tonal balance, and are much quieter than other polished basses had tried including D’Addario polished composites. The black trebles are a bit bright for this guitar, but that’s actually a plus because when you roll off the treble tone control by -30 degrees or so, you get a very convincing tone and the roll-off cuts down what little string noise remains.

Cheap investment for life, best deal ever, you will never need another classical guitar. It’s a lot of money for a hunk of wood and a crumby reverb. Check latest price!

Ease of Use:
You do not play this guitar, the guitar plays you. It’s amazing how creative you can become just playing it. Ideas just come by themselves. This is an extremely lightweight thin body guitar that is easy to use both seated and standing. You barely notice it even after a long session. The neck is nicely curved and although narrow, has plenty of room for most style of players. Fingerpickers may find it a little crowded on the fretboard.

Looks so cool and the sounds good too! It the sheer genius of its design.

Had found that it is far better quality than the standard traveler. This one is definitely a keeper, and can see your self playing it for many years to come. Love the space age looks, light weight and small size and the incredible sound produced by such an unlikely looking instrument.

Technical Info:
Neck: Mahogany
Body: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Frame Unit: Maple
Strings: Nylon Guitar Strings
Pickup: B-Band
Aux In (mini stereo)
Aux In Level control
Line Out (monaural)
Phones Out (stereo)
Bass control
Treble control
Reverb switch (OFF/1/2)
Phones on/off switch
Line Out jack with Power switch (Inserting a plug into the jack switches the power on)
Power Supply (not included): AC Adaptor/6F22 (S-006P) battery x 1 dual power source *Recommended AC Adaptors: PA-D09, PA-1E, PA-3B
Battery Life Continuous use:
Using Manganese battery: approximately 13.5 hours
Using Alkaaline battery: approximately 24 hours
With the reverb activated:
Using manganese battery: approximately 2 hours
Using Alkaline battery: approximately 7.5 hours
String Length 650mm (25-9/16 in.)

(L x W x H) 965 x 365 x 80 mm (38 in. x 14-3/8 in. x 3-1/8 in.) with the left frame attached and to the end of the strap pin)
Weight: Approximately 1.8 kg (3lbs. 15oz.)

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