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Ibanez AX7221 Guitar

Ibanez AX7221 Electric Guitar PictureIbanez, the 7-String Guitar Company
Ibanez is a well-known 7-string electric guitar company. You may notice that many companies have started to produce 7-string electric guitar. Why the best 7-string electric guitar player still use Ibanez exclusively? Ibanez produces this 7-string guitar with great quality. Ibanez has experience to build better 7-string guitar than other companies. So you will not disappoint with this electric guitar.

Ibanez also has the superior selection of sevens for heavy players, progressive players, and traditional jazzers. Seven strings. Ibanez. It’s that simple.

It has 7 string, perfect body, perfect frets, and light weight. This electric guitar is great. It has very solid and always stays in tune, great sound, and great pickups. The hum buckers are very nice.

This guitar does not have tremolo, because it not designed with tremolo, but it still good. Some users say the neck is too heavy and too fat, they must 6-string users. The neck of 7-string guitar is fatter than 6 string guitar, this why the 7-string guitar is heavier than 6-string.

It made very well and very good, you can trust Ibanez’ quality. Although this guitar is made by Ibanez, you must take care this guitar, if not the hardware will rust on you. Some people also complaining about the tuner was not placed well and the screw was ripped out when playing hard, this could be because the user did not take care their guitar. Anyway many users proud of Ibanez AX7221’s quality, you can believe them.

This guitar is worth every penny and a whole lot more. If you buy this guitar, you are getting a major deal. Check latest price.

You can play with almost any amp you have. It will sound good. This guitar can be played almost in any genre, classic rock, heavy metal, even jazz. The added B string is great for playing hard rock or metal.

The sound is very clean when you play without effects. When you add effects, they sound very clear.

The quality of this guitar is very good. The sound is very well. It is worth each dollar. You will get more than its price.

Technical Info
Neck Type: AX-7
Body: Mahogany
Fret: Medium
Bridge: 7-string standard
Neck Pickup: AH1-7
Mid Pickup: n/a
Bridge Pickup: AH2-1

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Schecter Omen 7 Electric Guitar

Schecter Omen 7 Electric Guitar Picture Blue Color Quick Preview

This schecter Omen 7 guitar is a 7 string electric guitar. This is a contoured top electric guitar which has a solid basswood body and a 25 1/2″ scale Maple bolt-on neck with 24 frets and dot inlays on a Rosewood fingerboard. The neck width at the nut is 1 11/16″, and the neck has a modern and sleek feel with a 14″ radius.

The Omen-7 is a new addition to Schecter’s Diamond Series line. Powered by two high output Diamond humbuckers, this 7-String is suitable for many styles of music; from Metal to Jazz. In short, the Omen-7 is a no frills version of the extremely popular C-7.


The hardware is chrome with deluxe tuners, two Diamond Plus high output humbucker pickups, 1 Volume/1 Tone Control with 3-way selector switch, and a tune-o-matic bridge with string-thru body construction. Delivery for left handed may take longer than normal.


Best Guitar for the price

This guitar is a great guitar, probably the best 7-string you can get for the price. It very comfortable, and the playability may be abit low in the beginning, as it has a thicker neck for the seventh string, but you’ll come across this problem very quickly. The pups sound really good actually. The wood is made of basswood, a very balanced wood which is not that heavy. Sounds very smooth and you can get alot of midrange out of it for the chug many are searching for when they play metal. Check here for latest price.


No Suistainer Need

Whether you are a serious music player or just hobby, this guitar is perfect for you. This instrument produced quailty sound. With this guitar you don’t need a sustainer.The seventh string can be tunned at low B so you’ll have low and hi B good for “punk jazz” metal, or even clean heavy folk ballads, this guitar sounds like nothing around.



This guitar sounds great almost with any amp you use. The extra string lets hit those mind-blowing power chords to play along with metal guys without having to down-tune. The strings are easily bent to play along with the greats of classic rock.

Schecter Omen 7 Electric Guitar Picture



Few people complain about this guitar’s features, some said that the part of this guitar is low end and just same with other guitars. Many people don’t agree with that, many are satisfied with this guitar features. Overall they said, the whole feel of this guitar is great, tuners are stable,electronics are easy and smooth and has a very comfortable body.



For its price, the quality of this guitar is good. Few users complaining about the tuners are not well located and too small. Overall this guitar is good enough, great shape, luxury, and the finish look great.


Schecter Omen 7 Specifications

  • Construction: Bolt-on

  • Scale: 26.5-inch

  • Body: Basswood

  • Neck: Maple

  • Fingerboard: Rosewood

  • Frets: 24 Jumbo

  • Inlays: Dots

  • Pickups: Diamond Plus

  • Electronics: Volume, Tone, 3-Way pickup selector switch

  • Bridge: TOM with Thru-Body stringing

  • Binding: None

  • Tuners: Diamond

  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Check more features.


The Schecter Power

Diamond Series guitars and basses are manufactured in South Korea, and 100% set up in the USA, in Schecter’s Burbank, CA facility. All Diamond Series 6-Strings come factory strung with GHS Nickel Wounds. (10/13/17/26/36/46). Schecter Basses also use GHS Nickel strings (.45/.65/.85/.105) 5-String Basses add a .125 for the low ‘B’. Schecter 7-String guitars electrics use a .056 as the low ‘B’.



The list price is $499. This cheap 7 string electric guitar you can get this guitar about $299 at some store. Check here for latest price.


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