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Dean DBD Tribute ML Electric Guitar

Dean DBD Tribute ML Electric GuitarDiffers slightly from picture — Dime-O-Flage no longer includes brown. White/Gray/Black ‘Flage only.

The Dime Bag Darrell Tribute ML Electric Guitar is a bolt-on neck basswood body guitar with Zebra pickups. With a Tribute crest on the headstock and a Dimebag Quad image sticker on body, this guitar features the Dimebag traction knobs, Tune-O-Matic bridge, and chrome hardware.

It’s pretty much a black Dean ML with a Dimebag Darrel tribute graphic on the headstock, and a 4-headed Dimebag Darrel sticker on the front of the body, near the top. It has two “zebra” humbucking pickups, in which the neck pickup has electrical tape on the sides (apparently something Dime did) and rivets on the knobs, which gives them excellent grip when reaching for them in a hurry. It’s a string thru body hard-tail guitar, no floyd rose here. And it has Grover tuners. Check price.

If you are a metal head looking for there first decent guitar, this is it, hands down. No scratches no dents perfect.

This guitar sounds even better. The guitar is surprisingly comfortable, comparing to flying V’s that are of course excellent but one cannot “sit and play” because of their shape. The recording sound surprising, because the clean, was absolutely different and interesting on the recording.

Ease of Use:
The sound is a quite complicated question, because it depends on such factors as pickups, amps, strings but most of all the guitarists themselves. Its very playable and sound awesome on overdrive. Very fast neck, the body of the guitar gets in the way.

The price is what one needs! Great and last a long time. Check latest price.

The guitar is beautiful. Its looks great, nothing tops the ML shape but at the same time it sounds great too.

Once you install the desired pickup of your choice, it’s a great guitar, looks killer, and is a ton of fun to play live with!

Tribute Crest on Headstock
Dimebag Quad image sticker on body
Basswood Body
Dean Series II Classic “V” headstock
Dimebag traction knobs
24-3/4 in. Scale & 1-11/16 in. Nut
Grover Tuners
Chrome Hardware
Zebra Pickups
Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Bolt-on construction
Maple Neck
Dimebag Tribute Poster
Newer White/Gray/Black flake ‘Flage

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