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ESP LTD Standard AX50 Electric Guitar

ESP LTD Standard AX50 Electric GuitarThe ESP LTD AX50 is an EXTREME guitar to fit your EXTREME style of music! The wild AX series body style will definitely get the audiences attention. But that’s just the start. The 0 AX5 has an agathis body, a 24-fret bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and dot inlays, black hardware, a string thru body tune-o-matic bridge, and an ESP LH-100 pickup set.

It basically has what you need for a beginner or pro. Two humbuckers, tone and volume knobs, and the guitar comes with a good magazine so you con buy more stuff.
could do with a tremolo arm and some cool fret markers, but you can put those on yourself if you got the kaching$.

The only reason i gave this guitar a 9 is because it came with a toggle pickup switch which you normally not a fan of but that doesn’t change anything. This guitar in silver and the black hardware on this beast is sweet. Pretty sweet looking, No accessories…. but that’s okay.

It is a nice build , a bolt-on neck, but bolted on very good. it is matte and not shiny and wall scrapes will happen and show much easier , as it is matte. The build is strong and parts do not come loose easily.

Everything seems fine here, my only complaint is that the guitar just seems too light, which makes it feel quite cheap. As far as the actual quality of the guitar is concerned though, everything seems great except the tuning machines are a little sloppy and not as smooth, however, they’ve had no tuning problems or the like. There practically steal cables.

This guitar actually sounds really good for the price, especially with high gain using the bridge pickup. I own an esp eclipse as well, and unfortunately the eclipse just blows this thing out of the water. This guitar is definitely made for metal or hardrock. some lead work, but probably best suited to rhythm playing. But for the price, you really can’t go wrong as far as sound is concerned.

This product is ridiculously cheap for how sweet this guitar is. Great product for the price. Probably not worth $250. They own a BC.RICH warlock and i got that for $50 less. Check latest price.

Ease of Use:
The guitar has amazing playability, extremely fast neck, 25.5 scale, great fret spacing. The boy actually won an ax in a contest on the ESP website, so the boys down there did a custom setup on mine, d’addario 10-46’s, no fret buzz, low action, needless to say its perfect to play.

It is actually very comfy to play. For sitting. It has a nice rounded leg spot and for standing, its still comfy. a comfy strap would be a good idea, too. The neck is nice and relatively flat, thus making it easier to hold. So easy to use standing up.

There are guitars that are much better out there, but don’t get you wrong this is one great guitar!!! Everything is sexy about this guitar. And so freak cheap.

Experience was great, especially the time it took to get here(3 days!)the price(sweet and low) and the look(absolutely amazing). It is an overall amazing guitar and the boy highly recommend it. The boy would slap a tremolo bridge on there and rock away to high heaven. The thing you like most about it is the look and playability sound is a bit weak. , really light, good for gigging, comfortable to play for the most part., The boy least would have to be that it’s too good to be true.

If you are a beginner you want this AX, if you consider yourself pro you might want to do some more shopping for a higher quality guitar. But if you want it go for it and buy it.

Buy it now!

ESP LTD EX50 Electric Guitar

ESP LTD EX50 Electric GuitarAgathis Body. Maple Neck.

The aggressively stylish EX50 features a large, resonant body and hot ESP LH-100 humbuckers for superior tone. This is another easy to play instrument with 22 extra jumbo frets on a Rosewood fingerboard. ESP has spent years perfecting radical designs like this and now they’re able to offer them at downright unbelievable prices. Other features include an Agathis body, a rock solid tune -o- matic bridge with a stop tailpiece, and black hardware.

Humbuckers are beautiful, a nice amp and head it sounds awsome. nice and simple the way you sure like it. The paint on the body is nice, and the black chrome hardware is awesome. They kind a sparkles when you look at it in the light.

Quality is very good. As all ESP are supreme in quality. Though you did accidently rip your volume knob off accidently. Oh and the screw that is near the neck ripped out when yanked on your guitar. Other than that it is a great product. Again, all Ltd’s come standard with great playability, but they also come with a GREAT paint job, no chipping, rarely dents, and doesn’t show scratches much. And even though, your getting the lowest quality out of Ltd, your still getting the best for the price. And even the bottom end stuff is really great. Again for the money, it’s top of the line. ESP makes nothing crappy, all quality products.

Very good, especially with a good amplifier like line 6 or Marshall. those are the best for this guitar. You might wanna get some emg pickups or just get some other guitar later, probably after 2 years of playing. The neck is very fast, the action is relatively low, pickups are very responsive (considering they are stock esp pickups), overall a fantastic sound. You do not see your self purchasing any guitars in the future (not unless this breaks). This guitar is a shred machine, a friend of mine (who plays a agile les Paul model) picked this up and commented on how easy it was to shred on. This guitar rocks and Metallica. in every single way. works for everything and its amazing playing your favorite songs and sounding just like the recording

There is no other guitar better than this for the price. He will fight you if you disagree!. AWSOME value for all the quality, materials, electronics, hardware, and the best playability. Its all good.

Poe nominal value, but this versus the more expensive versions, the only real difference is the wood(s) and pickups (and as far as pickups, its cheaper to buy the ones you want and have them installed than buying the more expensive model of the guitar). It was worth every penny.

Ease of Use:
This guitar sounds good on any amp, its very comfortable sitting down or standing. It has the BEST playability ever. Its so easy to use and you sounds absolutely amazing. One of the fastest necks ever. Regardless of a bolt-on neck. You can shred like Kirk hammett!. Capable addapted to the shape because it proves very comfortable when doing the immense ammount of palm muting during many of my songs.

It’s an old explorer style. It’s hell a sexy. It gives you great pleasure. It definitely has a very strong presence. No matter how fat, ugly, or stupid you may look, with this guitar in your hands your a god. It definatly stands out hanging on the wall with my other guitars, although it may not be the most expensive.

As long as this guitar is satisfied with it. You can’t beat the price, the look is bad ass, and this is just perfect for any metallica thrash metal fan!. Anyone who is starting to play, or just looking to get a cheap guitar to hot rod, get an Ltd. ALL AROUND AWSOME. Wonderful guitar, you can’t believe how cheap it is!!! everyone needs to add this to their collection.

Overall great starting guitar, but you will feel you need change for quality eventually. He actually currently saving up for a Jackson RR3 Pro because at a certain point u will either get new pickups or just buy a new guitar… even when i get my RR3 i can see myself playing this guitar.

Technical Info:
Construction: Bolt-on
Scale: 24.75 in.
Body: Agathis
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dots with model name at 12th fret
Pickups: ESP LH-100 set
Electronics: Volume, tone, 3-way toggle
Hardware: Black
Bridge: Tune-o-matic with stop tailpiece
Frets: 22 XJ