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Electric Guitar is Easier than Acoustic

Electric guitar is easier than acoustic?

ask Google:

Electric Guitar is Easier than Acoustic

Shinedown – Devour

It’s been long time I’m not hear some metal rocking music, until I found this video at youtube. I like their song.  I like the rhyme, and off course the guitar tune.

It makes me remember some legendary rock bands, like Metallica and Gun n Roses.Some people think the vocalist looks like Ozzy Osborne. Yes off course his hair looks like Ozzy’s hair 🙂

After I search more information about this rock band, I found that this ‘Devour’ song is quiet popular. It ever stays at first position at US mainstream rock chart. I don’t know about their other songs. I hope their other songs like this song.

Shinedown has release 3 albums. One of their album got Platinum certification. Their current members are:
Brent Smith – Vocals (2002 – present)
Barry Kerch – Drums (2002 – present)
Zach Myers – Guitar (2005 – present)
Nick Perri – Guitar (2008 – present)
Eric Bass – Bass Guitar (2008 – present)

Off course they have a blog too, today is internet world right. You can see their blog here; you can see shinedown concerts, and Shinedown photos.

Talking about metal rock, do you remember these videos? These songs were my favorite songs at that time.

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain:

Metallica- Enter Sandman:

I hope Shinedown can be a rock legend.