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Marshall MG100HDFX Guitar Amplifier Head

Marshall MG100HDFX Guitar Amplifier Head
2 channels. 2 modes per channel. Footswitch included.

Boasting the same impressive features and staggering versatility of the MG100DFX combo, this awesome, 100-watt head will drive any cabinet from the Marshall range, but is best suited to the Celestine loaded MG412A (angled) and MG412B (straight) 120W 4×12 in. cabinets. Unbelievable tone, feel, and projection come as standard. More Info!

Good features came with the footswitch which is good. And it had a lot of knobs, different set of knobs for the clean channel. The amp comes with several sockets for cables and stuff. It comes with a cable to plug it in with and comes with the foot switch which is awesome. The Footswitch could have more settings, like with the digital effects. It’s hard to dial the amount of effect u want during a gig. More Features!

This thing is built like a tank. It is completely solid and reliable. It is also quite light.
The power amps on these babies go out more often than a cheap light bulb, like the guy said, keep your receipt, or better yet, save up for something reliable.

The sound is really good so far. This guitar amp has a True Marshall sound. The Digital setting for a model tube amp sounds better used than without. If you’re looking for a true Marshall sound and that legend distortion, this is the amp for you.

You can tried a couple of the standard settings like metal and lead and you will really pleased with the metal setting as you play metal in a couple of bands and rock in another band.

This is great for its price. The sounds are good at a fraction of the cost of any tube amps and a lot of solid state amps. Check Latest Price!

Ease of Use:
Very easy to use, the only thing that would make it more “perfect” would be to make the “modes” footswitch able as well, like from Clean to Crunch on channel 1. The DSL also suffers from this shortcoming. If this is the magic amp for you though, it might be worth having it professionally modified to have these footswitch able.

This amp is beautiful; the gold looks awesome against the black of the amp. Sex appeal full stack looks cool on stage

The Marshall name has been responsible for the birth of many children. That gut. Crotch grabbing tone is going to vastly improve you chances of going way over your head in the interest in sex department. Maybe consider a shower and oral hygiene.

Will not be searching for any other product in the future, this thing is perfect.
It’s good for your purposes (home use), but you can see that it would be a good gig item if you aren’t worried about a glitch once in a while. Or, if you’re a young person on a budget and want that Marshall name on stage behind you.

Technical Info:
Output (RMS): 100W
Channels: 2
Separate EQ per Channel: yes
Clean/Crunch Switch: yes
OD1/OD2 Switch: yes
Contour Control: yes
Footswitch able Channels: yes
CD Input: yes
Emulated Line Out: yes
Emulated Headphone: yes
Digital Effects: yes
Digital Reverb: yes
FX Loop: yes
FX Loop Level and Mix Control: yes
FDD: yes
Speaker: none
Dimensions: 590 x 253 x 270 mm
Weight: 13.6 kg
Footswitch (supplied): PEDL-00009 included

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