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Create Your Own Guitar Ringtone

Create Your Own Guitar RingtoneDo you get bored with common free ringtones? Do you want something different with your mobile phone ringtone? Then create your own unique ringtone. You can create unique ringtone with your guitar.

The main idea is recording your guitar play and makes it as ringtone. Because the ringtone is generated by your guitar sound, your mobile phone must support wave ringtone. The polyphonic ringtones cell phone will not support.

What do you need to make your own guitar ringtone?

  1. Guitar
  2. Guitar Cable ¼ inch male mono to ¼ inch male mono
  3. Interconnect cable ¼ inch female mono to 1/8 inch male stereo
  4. Personal Computer (Ms Windows)

Step by step recording:
Step by step recording

  1. Plug your guitar cable and interconnect cable to your PC’s microphone input. Try to play your guitar. Configure until your PC produce the guitar sound.
    Sound Recording Software
  2. Start “Sound Recorder” software. (Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder). Press record button, play your guitar and start recording.
  3. Record your guitar sound about 1-2 minutes. Save as .wav file.
  4. Upload to your mobile phone. Your own ringtone ready to be used.

Above recording steps is the primitive way to make your own ringtone. To get best result you can download more advanced recording software. You can create many guitar ringtone styles. You can create classical guitar ringtones, hip hop ringtones, even dance ringtones with your guitar.
Happy create your very own ringtone!

Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Guitar
All Traveler guitars come with the heavy duty nylon carry bag

The Speedster is the electric evolution of our Pro-Series. Known best for its removable “tear drop” upper arm support and engine turned accents, the Speedster is loaded with a high output blade humbucker for the classic tones of today and yesterday. With the look, feel, and sound of a full size solid body electric, the Speedster is great for the rocker on the run. Check reviews!

It has 22 frets, with single volume and tone controls and a raised cord jack.
The body is a one-piece carving from maple with a pal ferro fretboard with screwed in separate pieces that serve as guards for the tuners and a detachable arm rest. The neck is really fine–24 2/4 inch scale, but with a slimmer profile than a Gibson, closer to Fender Strat. Very nice design combo. soft case, instruction book (needed) and your very own pick. Click here for more features!

It comes with a single-coil sized hot rail humbucker that sounds pretty thin. As a result, this would never be a gigging guitar. But in combination with Pandora and iPod, it is extremely compact and goes with everywhere. The action is adjustable by lowering or raising the roller bridge (Very cool).

From the neck, paint, pick up and over all sound it is amazing. If you are looking for something smaller than the acoustics and want that electric feel and sound this is it. If you buy a Korg PX3 and hook it up to your IPod you can rock the night away and never disturb a soul. The neck is full-sized, so it works fine for the fat-fingered. The action was fantastic right from the store. Check Latest Price.

The tuning pegs are awkwardly positioned making it a bit of a chore to tune and the rolling bridge and wrap-around string configuration can cause inconsistent string-tension making tuning even worse. But it’s well worth it to lose the headstock and save on precious space. And heck, it’s still easier to tune than a guitar with a floating trem.

Plug in your headphones so you dont bother anyone else and it still sounds completely amazing! This feels and sounds better than Ibanez solid body or Epiphone 335 clone. Someone has taken to playing this guitar more and more around the house in addition to when traveling. Keeps its tune better than feared. Great work Traveler! It sounds great for a single pick-up electric guitar.

Ease of Use:
Takes a while to get used to the unusual tuning mechanism, but great once you are used to it. Extremely easy unlined the backpacker or the Washburn rover

Great travel guitar. Check latest price.

Because of the size and conveniences of this guitar, you will take it everywhere and play more often. Because you play more often you will get better.

Best travel guitar in the world. The thing with like most about the Speedster is its extreme portability and convenience, yet it feels neck-wise like full-size guitars. The compared the Speedster to the Steinberger Spirit, but the neck was not the same at all. The wish it had twin humbuckers.

Technical Info:
Neck Through Body: Eastern American Hard Maple
Fingerboard: Pao Ferro
Frets: 22-medium
Scale Length: 24 3/4 in.
Fingerboard Inlays: Pearloid
Neck Width at Nut: 1 3/4 in.
Body Width: 7 1/2 in.
Length: 28 in.
Weight: 4 lbs.
Pick-ups: Custom Dual Rail Humbucker
Hardware: Chrome
Electronics: Volume/Tone
All Traveler guitars come with the heavy duty nylon carry bag

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