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Parker P44 Electric Guitar with Fishman Pickup

Parker P44 Electric Guitar with Fishman PickupThe P-44 has all the signature capabilities of the high-end Parker Fly in a beautiful solid-Mahogany body. The humbuckers deliver twang and shimmer with plenty of attitude. The split coil lets you get a pseudo-single-coil sound, with zero hum. Count on the piezos for a very realistic acoustic sound, then mix them with the magnetics for a hybrid that introduces a whole new dimension to music.

Mahogany body and bolt-on Maple neck
Dual Humbuckers with coil tapping
Fulcrum style tremolo
3-way mag pickup selection
Custom Fishman piezos and stereo voltage-doubled pre-amp

Its a good live guitar, because the sound never fails you, and in the studio your range of sonic capabilities are endless.

Best value around! Your getting basically three guitars in one, for less than any one of those cost. Check latest price!

Not only does it sound great, but it looks cool too, and different, you’ll definitely turn heads every time you pull this thing out of a case.

It’s a bit warm / dark for some things, but overall, the sound is incredible. About the only way to improve it is to put premium, high-end aftermarket pups in it. Through the right amp, it’ll blow your mind.

Ease of Use:
Even a novice guitarist will find it easy to dial in exactly the tone they are looking for.

Great guitar!!

Technical Info
Tones / Sounds: Twang and shimmer. Incredible tonal range.
Body Wood: Mahogany
Contruction: Solid 2-piece
Finish: Polyurethane
Bridge: Fishman fulcrum style tremelo Vibrato System
Neck Wood: Maple
Neck Design: Solid one piece
Neck-Body Joint: True bolt-on with half-round precision joint
Scale: 25.5 in.
# of Frets: 22 Frets
Fret Material: Nickel silver
Fret Size: .052 in. high, .103 in. wide
Fret Board: Ebony
Fretboard Shape: 10 in. — 13 in. conical form
Neck Shape: Width — Regular Thickness — Fat
Finish: Polyurethane
Nut: GraphTech
Nut Width: 1.68 in.
String Spacing: Bridge — 2.065 in. Nut — 1.38 in.
Truss Rod: Traditional design
Tuners: Grover 18:1
Mag Pickups: Parker Stingers
Mag. Config: Number: 2 Config: HH
Mag. PU Select: 3-way
Piezo System: 6-element Fishman piezo
PreAmp/Mixer: Active Custom Fishman stereo preamp
Other Controls: Mag volume, Mag tone, Piezo volume, Mag/Piezo 3 way selector
Output: Split stereo or summed mono
Weight: 7 lbs.
Strings: Mojo EXL 120, .009 in. – .042 in.
Other Features: N/A
Case/Bag: Parker custom Gig bag

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