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Peavey Predator Plus Electric Guitar

Peavey Predator Plus Electric Guitar - BlackPeavey guitars represent the best elements of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. As one of the few remaining American guitar manufacturers, Peavey blends carefully selected woods, hardware and electronics to make an instrument they are proud to offer, and you can be proud to own. The line has expanded to reflect the diverse nature of today’s music. Regardless of style, there is a Peavey guitar created to provide you with years of satisfying performance.

Here’s a great combination of features and value. Peavey builds the Predator Plus HB with dual humbucking pickups for raw power whether your playing leads or rhythm. They also fit the Predator with the best bridge in the business — a Floyd Rose� double-locking tremolo. It’s a world-class whammy bar that stays in tune and you rarely find it on guitars in this price range. Other features include 25-1/2 in. scale, body binding, and high quality sealed, die-cast tuning machines.

Has everything you need for heavier styles of music. Dual humbuckers, 3-way switch, Floyd Rose with locking nut. Got the topaz blue. On the net do this guitar any justice at all. Looks almost navy blue at some angles. Brighter straight on, with more metallic showing in bright light. Nice gloss. Headstock is gloss black on the front and more nicely shaped than the one shown in the photo. It came with a tremolo kit which can fit. It’s not quite a Strat shape.

Have to give it a lower mark here. On the good side. Every part of this guitar seems to be of much higher quality than you’d expect for the price. The neck, pickups, Floyd Rose, and electronics all seem excellent. The finish is nicer than you expected and has no flaws. If you look closely, you can see where different parts of the body were joined. No big deal on a $200.00 guitar though. On the bad side. Bridge pickup is just flopping around in there.

Don’t know yet if they just adjusted it past the end of the screws, or if there’s something missing. Absolutely no attention paid to setup at all. When I brought the strings up to pitch, the bridge came up very high. Terrible action. Guitar was made in Indonesia, but what you’ve heard about Indonesian guitars is true to some extent. Going to have to remove the strings and see what the deal is with the bridge pickup. Floyd Rose is so far out of whack it will take a pro a good while to get it perfect.

Still needs quite a bit of setup (see quality), but so far the stock pickups are sounding pretty good. Just as good if not better than the stock pickups on much pricier guitars. No “squealing”. You actually like the overall tone of the instrument. Not too bright sounding on the higher notes, but certainly not muffled or muddy.

Ease of Use:
Love the neck. A smidge chunkier than the one on ESP. Jumbo frets. Feels real good so far. Neck is arrow-straight. Can get harmonics anywhere on the neck. Can tell that after a good setup this guitar will play like butter.

After a good setup. It is very cheap for a quality guitar. You do believe the sound, tuning stability, and playability, will be WAY better than what you can get for the money elsewhere. Minus a point for REALLY needing a setup. Check Latest Price.

It looked really sharp when unpacked it . Black looks really good with the white pick guard. It saw an old video of Hendrix playing a black Strat at Monterey and screamed out to kids “this man’s got Dad’s guitar”.

I’ll give it a 9 overall… The setup is truly horrible. Loose pickup,  but the fact is the neck’s straighter, the sound is better stock, and it stays in tune better than a guitar. The blue finish is pretty sharp if you like that sort of thing. The price is pretty amazing for what you get.

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