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Create Your Own Guitar Ringtone

Create Your Own Guitar RingtoneDo you get bored with common free ringtones? Do you want something different with your mobile phone ringtone? Then create your own unique ringtone. You can create unique ringtone with your guitar.

The main idea is recording your guitar play and makes it as ringtone. Because the ringtone is generated by your guitar sound, your mobile phone must support wave ringtone. The polyphonic ringtones cell phone will not support.

What do you need to make your own guitar ringtone?

  1. Guitar
  2. Guitar Cable ¼ inch male mono to ¼ inch male mono
  3. Interconnect cable ¼ inch female mono to 1/8 inch male stereo
  4. Personal Computer (Ms Windows)

Step by step recording:
Step by step recording

  1. Plug your guitar cable and interconnect cable to your PC’s microphone input. Try to play your guitar. Configure until your PC produce the guitar sound.
    Sound Recording Software
  2. Start “Sound Recorder” software. (Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder). Press record button, play your guitar and start recording.
  3. Record your guitar sound about 1-2 minutes. Save as .wav file.
  4. Upload to your mobile phone. Your own ringtone ready to be used.

Above recording steps is the primitive way to make your own ringtone. To get best result you can download more advanced recording software. You can create many guitar ringtone styles. You can create classical guitar ringtones, hip hop ringtones, even dance ringtones with your guitar.
Happy create your very own ringtone!