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Silvertone SSL3 Electric Guitar

Silvertone SSL3 Electric GuitarThis vintage traditional carved arch top single cutaway body with set neck design combined with the rosewood fingerboard, dual humbucking pick-ups and chrome die cast tuners, gives you the style and features of the professionals. Enjoy incredible sustain with the set neck and carved top combined with the dual humbucking pickups. Beautiful flamed tiger stripe top add to this classic design. The smooth, rich sound of the Silvertone Session Master Pro can be yours along with all the extras, such as the Silvertone Smart III amp, tuner, strings, strap, instructional DVD and gig bag. The Silvertone Session Master Pro is truly a classic.

Was looking for a smaller electric that would be easier on my back (have a full-size you could anchor a boat with) and easier to travel with. This guitar is no toy, unlike many other mini electrics you see for sale. Easy to play once you adjust to the shorter scale, sounds nice. The single cutaway Silvertone SSL3 is a great guitar to play and own. It delivers a raw, bluesy power that you expect from the classic design of dual humbuckers, making it great for lead or rhythm guitar players.

Circa 2003-2004, Tobacco Sunburst version made in Indonesia, this is one of the most complete Les Paul designs on the market. 22 Fret cream-bound rosewood fretboard, Maple Bent Top, 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 2 Chrome Humbucking Pickups, Tobacco Sunburst finish, Mahogany body, Mahogany neck, Flame Maple top, Les Paul body style, Tune-O-Matic Bridge with stop tailpiece, generic Grover-style smooth tuners.

The guitar is beautiful. Minor defects. (chipped fret markers) but hardly noticeable. And it doesn’t scratch easy. This particular guitar seems to have been through very stringent quality control. It take some big drops and not even get a scratch
Especially for the money! Great workmanship, love the frets-polished/very smooth-no jagged, sharp frets makes moving about-especially those power chords very easy!! Great finish too!

Sound :
It’s everything you need in a Les Paul clone. It sounds clean with a 100w head, well behaved. The sound is full and with digital FX it will weep and scream with the best. it’s fed into a practice amp, Roland Crate 15 – what a combo!  the pickups were great, plugged it in a marshall mg100 and it can get really. Switched for Metallica or Rock. Only one have weakness is volume controls don’t seem to work very good but is still OK !!

The guitar is easily worth hundreds more. It is easily as good as a Gibson, the best sounding for the look is beautiful but it’s a silvertone with a good price. Check Latest Price.

Ease of Use:
It is very easy to play this guitar indeed, like others have said its just pick it up plug in and shred. You might need to adjust the action. Mine was a little too low. It was fine for the beginning. I will adjust it a little when I would need to put new strings on.

It’s shaped like a Gibson Les Paul. A very desirable guitar that not everyone can afford. The SSL3 is the next best thing. The cherry burst finish is beautiful. The shape, visual appeal, quality, and price, are this guitars features that you want. Looks great, plays great, slides easy, and very sexy.

This guitar is very well made. It is durable, it is playable, it sounds good, and it is VERY affordable. You expect this to cover my Paul needs for some time. The only reason may get a different manufactures version is to have a different color

Technical Info:
Body: Arched HT quilt top
Neck: Set-in
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale: 24-3/4 in.
Frets: 22
Pickups: 2 humbuckers
Switching: 3-way toggle
Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone
Bridge: Tune-o-matic with stop tailpiece
Tuners: Die-cast
Hardware: Chrome

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Silvertone Rockit 21 Electric Guitar

Silvertone Rockit 21 Electric GuitarWhen guitar designers originally developed this double cutaway electric, we bet they never thought that years later it would become the first ‘Metal Axe’. True to the original design, the SRK1 Rockit features a deep-cut, double cutaway body that allows complete access to the entire neck and has a deep, powerful tone. The SRK1 also features a very fast 22 fret, 24-3/4 in. scale bolt-on mahogany neck with a sculpted heel and rosewood fretboard, die-cast tuning machines, two high output humbuckers with 3-way selector switch, two volume and two tone controls with speed knobs, and an adjustable Tune-o-matic bridge with a stop tailpiece.

It comes with two packs of medium picks, a portable amp that isn’t very heavy. It includes treble, bass, and volume knobs, and an overdrive button and knob to adjust just how much extra noise you want. Sounds pretty good if you know what you’re playing lol. It also comes with an average-length cord and a pretty decent tuner, though I think you’re better off buying your own. The tuner plays tones that help you tune the guitar, but it’s not very helpful, actually…Long beeps and guitar sounds are very different things! And the picks are a bit long, so.. well of course get some that suit you. As for how I feel about the ‘selection of components’, well, I like ’em. Though I think it would’ve been nice if headphones with a big enough jack came with the package as well.

It’s made extremely well. Unless you intentionally buy a used one, it’s pretty much perfect. The only thing loose when you get it are the strings, but then, all guitars are like that, I believe…So all you have to do is tune it. And if a string breaks, don’t worry too much, cause the package includes an extra set of strings. And if it breaks, then, either you’ve got it too tight or you were really slamming’ on the guitar.  Wouldn’t hold up to playing gigs. Paint flakes, a knob broke. This guitars finish is nice 

Construction of the neck is kind a crappy. When I received mine, the neck was dirty, looked like six different pieces of wood thrown together. The fingerboard is nice, just the neck.

Very cheap, for the quality and the sound i would say this guitar can compete with some of the 300-400 dollar guitars. I tried out other guitars before purchasing this one and for the features, the look, and the sound quality, you can’t beat the price. Check latest price.

Very easy to tune, and the sound emitted from this piece of equipment is as perfect as the guitar itself. It’s very easy to play and comfortable to use in just about any position; standing, sitting, laying down flat on the ground, whatever! It’s comfortable. The guitar suits my taste and style, because I like both gothic and rock music. Without the amp, the guitar is still pretty loud. How the guitar fits in with other instruments, I can’t really say, because it all depends on what you use. However, I do think it’s best suited to either a heavy rock style or a soft dark tune. And as we all should know, live music always sounds better than a recording! Other equipment I’m currently using with this product include the amp that came with it, and the tuner. The picks, I don’t like. They’re too long and a bit flimsy. And I think headphones to fit the amp would be a nice addition. (I bought the red one! It’s a bit darker than shown in the picture.)

This is a guitar shape you don’t see very often, so of course I love it! And it’s red and black, which makes it a bit hard to match your outfit to it (if you intend to perform/show off in an outfit, that is.) As for me, I feel pretty cool just holding it in my hands and showing it off, especially since it adds to my own natural attractiveness. lol. No joke there! I’m being honest. This guitar will definitely attract attention.

This is a product I plan to keep for years. As my first guitar that I worked hard to save up for and buy myself, it’s very special to me and I intend to wear it well. I don’t think I’ll be looking for a new guitar for at least another 8 months. No, this one will never be replaced. I’ll find stuff to make this already great guitar even better I bought this product instead of others that I looked at mainly because of how it looked, and I could afford it at the time. I’m extremely satisfied with it. This makes an excellent first guitar for anyone, I believe. If it were lost or stolen, it would truly suck, and yes, I would replace it. What I like most about it is how easy it is to tune, and what I like least is how heavy it is.

22 Frets
24-3/4 in. scale
Rosewood Fingerboard
Chrome Precision Die-Cast Tuning Machine Heads
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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