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Steinberger Transcale Demon Electric Guitar

Steinberger Transcale Demon Electric Guitar





The Steinberger story began in 1979, when Ned Steinberger designed the award winning L-2, a one piece headless bass made entirely of carbon-graphite composite material. Today, Steinberger carries forth Ned’s vision with a uniquely innovative offering of guitars and basses.It’s the most innovative guitar or bass in the world. It’s an instrument that will last 100 lifetimes, sound great, play like a dream and never, ever have neck problems … Guaranteed! Even the most destructive roadie won’t be able to damage your Steinberger. Its patented stranular graphite construction is the strongest material on the market. In fact, it’s so strong that Steinberger guarantees it for 1000 years!

The consistency between Steinberger models is legendary. If you ever want to add another Steinberger to your collection, chances are it will feel and perform exactly like your other cherished Steinbergers.

A Steinberger makes everything easier–from changing strings to changing climates. Unlike other guitars, your Steinberger will not be affected in the least by the change in temperature. It will never let you down. Your Steinberger neck will not affect at all by humidity. It will stay rock solid and leave you free to play your heart out.

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Steinberger Transcale Demon Specifications
•    Neck Materials: Cybrosonic Patented Graphite U-Channel w/adjustable trussrod     w/3-pc Hard Maple
•    Neck Joint: Thru-Neck
•    Fingerboard: Phenolic Resin
•    Fingerboard Radius: 14 inches
•    Frets: 24 Medium-Jumbo
•    Scale Length: 28 5/8 inch Adjustable
•    Body Wings: Hard Maple
•    Body Top: Hard Maple
•    Pickups: EMG-81, EMG-85
•    External Cotrols:
o    Master Volume
o    Mag/Piezo Pickup Blend
o    Active Hi Cut/Boost
o    Active Lo Cut/Boost
•    Internal Controls: Two trim pots adjusting Magnetic and Piezo output levels
•    Battery: 9 Volt
•    Bridge: Patented DoubleBall Bridge with 40:1 ratio direct-pull tuners
•    Saddle Material: Aluminum
•    Zero Nut Width: 1.65 inches
•    12-Fret Width: 2.05 inches
•    Bridge Spacing: 0.42 inches

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