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Is It a Social Networking, Video Sharing or Music Competition?

Music Nation

Just found this website, MusicNation.com. This website is an online music community. Bands can upload videos. Bands have friends and fans. Fans can share their favorite music videos. Fans vote their favorite videos. The most voted video win the competition.

Yes it is a music social networking. You can sign up as a band, music writer, singer, guitarist, music talents, or just music listener. There are two accounts in MusicNation.com; one is regular account and the other is artist account. As an artist account you will be able to enter the competitions and connect with your fan base.

What you can do with regular account? Like myspace, you can add friends, add galleries, comments other profile, create your own blog, upload media, create events, and more available features. The different from myspace are you can create your own favorite artists, create favorite musical styles, you can connect to other music hobbies. You can discover music and videos from all over the web.

What the advantages of artist account? Instead of the basic features above, you can promote your own music videos. This is great word of mouth marketing. When your fan likes your videos they can share and tell others about your videos. You can go to competition and win the prize. Bands that get a lot of play have a chance at getting signed by MusicNation.com’s partner EPIC RECORDS!

If you are a band, artist, music talent, or just fan, check this MusicNation.com website!

Things that may affect the tone of your instrument

From this forum we know that the sound of your instrument is combination of many things. These things may affect your instrument’s tone:

– the pick you use
– the brand of strings
– the gauge of strings
– the age of the strings
– the fingerboard material
– the nut material
– binding
– tuners
– finish
– tone woods
– long vs short neck tenon
– pot metal vs aluminum tailpiece
– tailpiece height
– through vs top wrapping
– Nashville vs abr-1 bridge
– truss rod routing
– sheath vs no sheath on truss rod
– carve of top
– weight relieved vs non-weight relieved
– pickup height
– neck relief
– string action
– sitting vs standing
– guitar strap material
– type of strap buttons
– neck profile
– potentiometers
– capacitors
– pickups
– guitar cord (straight vs coiled)
– effects pedals
– order of connection of effects pedals
– effects power supply
– amplifier
– level of tube saturation
– tube quality and life
– speaker quality
– acoustical environment
– and if you mic …
– mic used
– single vs multiple mics
– mic saturation level
– distance from cabinet
– angle from center axis
– mic cables
– mixer console
– settings on console
– output cables
– amplifiers used
– PA speakers used
– height of PA speakers
– placement of speakers relative to the listener
– room to speaker interaction
– guitar amp to PA speaker interaction

and last but not least, your ability to play

So, if your instrument does not produce good sound, don’t just blame your instrument. Look at above list and you will find the answer.