Jamorama Learn Guitar Reviews

 Jamorama Learn Guitar

So do you want to learn how to play guitar? Do you want to play for personal pleasure? Play in a band? Write and perform your own songs?

Here is the solution!  Jamorama Books and DVD Tutorial!

Jamorama is a learn guitar course that you can download from the internet. It downloads pretty quickly and you can have your first guitar lesson within around 10 minutes.

It is good for beginner through Intermediate Students, that are at least 8 years old and have access to a computer. Since this is a beginner – intermediate course, the same lessons are required for both electric and acoustic guitars.

Whatever your reasons are, Jamorama WILL work for you, and it’s FAST and FUN! With Jamorama you learn how to play guitar using free lessons, step by step course materials, jam tracks and famous songs!

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Ben Edwards Jamorama

Ben Edwards, he’s the creator of Jamorama. Ben is a respected guitar teacher, with a Bachelor of Education.  In Ben Edwards own words; “I am a highly respected guitar teacher. I’m the former lead guitarist for “DegreesK”, who I toured with internationally. Before joining the band I gained a Bachelor of Education. My passion for teaching others, especially guitar, sparked me to develop Jamorama The Ultimate Learning Kit…”.

In The Box

Jamorama DVD

Jamorama has 64 new video examples and exercises. That makes 148 videos in all that perfectly compliment the five exclusive computer games and ebooks that come in the Jamorama Learning Kit. These speed the learning of musical notes, transcribing and and reading written music. They include:

* JaydeMusica Pro
* GuitEarIt!
* GuitarTuner Pro and How to Tune Your guitar
* The Jamorama Metronome, and
* Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar

Four Downloadable ebooks;  book one is for beginners, book two is for intermediate level students, book three is for advance students and the final book is about tuning. The books are well written, logical and thorough with an abundance of clear illustrations and photos.

Peppered through out the books are symbols that indicate when there is a play along Jamtrack or an audio/video example to view for clarification of the written word. Just click and those learning aids smoothly pop into the screen.

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