Ibanez RG370DX Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG370DX Electric Guitar PictureThe RG type Ibanez electric guitar is the perfect combination of fast, flat necks, the right pickups and pickup placement, preciesion trem system to meet out creative destruction.Ibanez has made this perfect work about two decades. So you can believe the quality of this guitar.

The RG guitar line is the unchallenged standard in hard and heavy rock guitars. The RG370DX the 6 strings guitar, employs several of Ibanez’ most-popular upgrades, including the Edge III bridge and Wizard II neck. Coming the super-fast Wizard II 24-fret neck, a double-locking tremolo system, and the hot pickups required for today’s harder rock sounds, black hardware, cool sharktooth inlays, rosewood fingerboard is ready to make your music enjoy enough. For more detail information click “zzsounds.com reviews and price



Neck: 3pc Wizard II neck

NeckType: Wizard II

Body: Basswood body

Frets: Jumbo frets

Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood

Inlay: Sharktooth

Bridge:Edge III bridge

NeckPU: IBZ INF3 neck pu

BridgePU: IBZ INFS3 mid pu

MiddlePU: IBZ INF4 bridge pu

Hwcolor: BK



  • Wizard II neck — 25.5 scale neck is 2mm thicker than the super-thin, super-flat Ibanez Wizard.
    3-piece Maple neck material

  • Basswood body — Basswood is a comparatively lightweight wood, which makes it very comfortable for extended playing. With a good balance of highs and lows, basswood is right in between alder and mahogany in sound character.

  • 24 jumbo frets offer easy playing for leads and chording.

  • Bound Rosewood finger board offers a strong, bright sound and an attractive appearance with a long grain.

  • Edge III bridge

  • IBZ INF3 (H) Neck PU

  • IBZ INFS3 (S) Mid PU

  • IBZ INF4 (H) Bridge PU

  • Sharktooth inlay

  • Black hardware

Ibanez RG370DX Electric Guitar Picture


You will love this guitar because the neck and feel of this guitar. Its so fast and easy for soloing, also the bridge has a comfortable position so the strings aren to high off the guitar.



Ibanez is brand of quality. You will not disappointed using this guitar. Everything is tested well, careful, and finished with great result. Built with extremely solid and outstanding hardware, the knobs have an almost sentual smoothness to them.It is built so tough you can push the trem bar to the body and watch the strings drop so low there dangling and then let go of the bar and keep playing.



The sound of this electric guitar is great if tune well.With almost at any amp, it will produce rocking sound. Although this guitar is rock guitar type the sounds can extends fom jazzy to bluesy, rock and metal. We can say it perfect for metal. Clean or distorted, either way it sounds brilliant.



This guitar is not expensive enough the price start from $359, it depends on the color you choose.The read stream, and black stream is cost higher, because it has beautiful and stylish color. Click here to check latest price


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Shopping For Used Electric Guitar

Music lovers get attracted to music instruments invariably, but guitar is most preferred by many music lovers. Guitars are prominent from ancient times, and now with the addition of wonderful instruments like electric guitars it has also become a fantasy learning it. A new instrument to any fresher is not advisable as they lack awareness of handling it meticulously.

Used electric guitars are really beneficial to learners. Speaking of benefit, the used electric guitars come in a more affordable price than the new ones. Students or people who begin learning may discontinue due to various reasons like health, hobby, education, transfer or due to boredom of learning and mastering it as it is time consuming to master it. Procuring a used one gives the learners an opportunity to learn it without fear as they have not invested huge amount on an instrument that they may discontinue on their accord.

Playing the electric guitar involves endurance, firm determination, constant rehearsals, training, and performances. There are numerous brands and styles of electric guitars available in the music market. One has to deftly choose an electric guitar. As a first instrument, learning and practicing is best done on a used electric guitar.

Purchasing a new Electric guitar can be termed as luxurious and pricey.

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Purchasing used electric guitars should be done keeping in mind few points like determining how much they have been used. Soundboard is another important factor to be considered in purchasing a used electric guitar. Soundboard that bears more scratches indicates frequent playing of the instrument and a better investment. If a used electric guitar involves replacement of sound board, it is a pricey bargain. Checking for indications of breaking or rupturing of the instrument is essential as it affects the balance of the instrument, and this is one of the primary reasons for new guitars to become a used electric guitar. Observing that the strings are at an equal distance to the entire length from the board is also important as it speaks on the sound produced. Ensuring the tuners on the used electric guitars are good enough to withhold the stress of the strings is necessary as a used electric guitar may weaken over a span of time resulting in getting out of tune.

Used electric guitars are available on the local music stores or pawn shops. Nowadays, websites like eBay are encumbered with used instruments like the electric guitar. Buying a used electric guitar serves as multipurpose as it saves money and assists learning. Though the music markets are flooded with electric guitars it is difficult to find big difference between any used and new electric guitar but for the price. Possessing a new one is advisable only when one is proficient in playing the electric guitar.

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