Washburn Electric Guitar

Washburn Electric Guitar Picture Rock on with a complete electric guitar pack with lots of pro features.

This fullsize LX3PAK Wasburn electric guitar is built for beginner player. With 4 battery AA, you’ll no need additional electricity power.

“This is a pretty decent guitar under $100. I got it for chistmas almost 3 years ago and its still in one piece. I’ve never had any problems with it in the past and it still works well now. Although it is a decent guitar i would only recomend it for practice. It is in no way shape or form a performace guitar, long lasting, rayne

Product Features

  • Full size electric guitar
  • Long scale for bending notes
  • 3 single pole pickups and a 5 way switch for tonal variety
  • Whammy bar bridge is fully intonatable
  • Battery operated belt pak amp – no need for AC


“This is actually NOT a Washburn, it’s a “LYON by Washburn”. I bought mine for $88, how could I go wrong? Let me count the ways.

1. It appears that there are minor flaws in every piece of this guitar. It’s my theory that Washburn sends all their material defects to the Lyon factory in China. Well, maybe not, but it’s this type of product association that can ruin a company’s brand.

2. I’ve tweaked every aspect of this guitar…Replaced the pickups with fat-strats. Dressed the frets. Locked down the cheesy trem. Re-soldered all pots and connectors. All these were necessary, and they all had a positive effect but…

3. I’m not sure what wood they used, but it’s very lightweight. There is no mass density to this instrument, therefore no sustain.

This was a good project guitar to figure out how to modify them and work on them. You know, take it apart, put it back together. But as a gigging instrument, it will never, ever do. Unless you’re a guitar-smashing thrash metal wannabe.

If you want something cheap for your non-musician kid as a birthday or Christmas present to see if they have any aptitude or desire, then perhaps it’s good for that. If they do like it, they’ll be asking for a real guitar within a year. “, save your money, get a real instrument, handlon


“My mom and I were shopping in Target a couple of months ago and saw that this was on sale for 99 bucks. I looked at it and it promised that there was a lot of accessories included so that you could get started right out of the box. My mom had wanted me to take up an instrument anyway, so she bought it.

I’ve had a great time with it since then. It comes with a demo DVD, an amp, strings, picks, carrying bag, everything (just make sure to look for the stuff in the bag itself–I didn’t and returned it, thinking that some of the stuff hadn’t come with it. The lady at the counter showed me and I was embarassed) you need.

It sounds good; the amp is surprisingly loud. All I needed was a distortion pedal and some chord charts and some free lessons downloaded on the Internet and I was set. I haven’t had a bit of trouble since I got it. “, Big Bang for the Buck, kid

Please note that this guitar is manufactured by Lyon by Washburn, its not actually produced by Washburn. The target market is beginner player, especially for kid. So if you an advanced player you will disappointed.

Why Take Guitar Lessons?

Electric guitar pictureSo you’ve been debating whether or not to take guitar lessons. Here are some reasons to go ahead and take the plunge:

Guitar lessons will speed up your learning time. For a little money you will accelerate your learning process.

Guitar lessons will make you more efficient. Why try to teach yourself and waste tons of time? Time is money – use a little money now, and save tons of time in the future.

Guitar lessons can be taken online. Check this out: Jamorama

This highly recommended course, Jamorama, is an amazing method to take your guitar lessons online. What could be more convenient than audio and video instruction that you can learn from right at home? No hauling your guitar to your car and then driving in crazy traffic to a lesson in a damp room somewhere. This is definitely the way to learn. Highly Recommended – click the banner above…

When you take guitar lessons you are more focused. With focus comes definite goals, definite tasks, and definite and measurable progress. If you are trying to learn how to play guitar, but you aren’t focused, you may learn a little here and there, but your progress will be scattered and slow. With attention to detail and a well thought out plan, you will be able to mark down goals and then do what needs to be done to realize those goals in minimum time. You’ll be more efficient, and when you’re more efficient, you’ll have more fun and make quicker progress.

Guitar lessons are fun because they give you a way to measure your progress. When you can see that you are making progress from week to week, you are naturally excited. This excitement is fuel to keep studying your lessons and practicing your guitar playing, and success will come that much quicker.

Another great reason to take guitar lessons is to learn how to play certain styles of music on guitar, or to learn how to play guitar like your rock guitar heroes. You could try for countless hours to imitate you favorite guitar god’s playing style, but when you have ready instruction, you already have a map on how to get there, and you can put your effort into getting the style down. (By the way – the jamorama course at: Jamorama is great for learning how to play certain styles of guitar.)

I hope I have persuaded you that taking guitar lessons (even online) is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Good luck with your guitar playing!
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