Paul Westerberg PW580

Paul Westerberg PW580 Electric Guitar Picture
Westerberg and First Act got together to design a signature rock guitar, the PW580. It’s a killer electric with a rock and roll soul. Westerberg describes it as “lean, clean, and mean…just like rock ‘n’ roll ought to be.”

“Been a long time ‘Mats fan, so when I saw this Paul guitar, had to have it. Very decent guitar. My only minor complaint is that neck just doesn’t feel “right”. Went ahead and removed the low E (6th) string and tuned to Keith Richards’s stylee. Sounds good thru my 25w Ibanez amp, get some nice dirty tones.”, get what you pay for,  M. Mancu

The story goes that Westerberg was on tour somewhere in the middle of America, and he stopped into a mass retailer to buy shaving cream, and bought one of our crimson ME501 electric guitars on impulse, right off the shelf. He debuted the guitar onstage that night, and quickly brought it into heavy onstage rotation for the rest of the tour.

“Nice guitar for the money. It has a nice bright clean sound. Also, very lite in weight so it’s a joy on stage or playing at home. Only problem is the fretboard is dry. I recommend treating the fret board w/a polish or lemon oil to smooth up before you play it for the first time.”, Nice Guitar for the money, Dwayne Wallace

When we heard about it, we invited Westerberg to design a guitar with us. So we put our heads together and came up with the PW580 – it’s a killer electric with a rock and roll soul.

“I had this a few weeks now. I’m a fan of Mr. Westerberg so I bought it for that reason only. As a player it’s ok I play many high end guitars so with that being said, it’s a bang for your buck so to speak. Fat neck,decent sound high action but again for the $$$$$ fun guitar.”, For the $$$ it works, Mikey

Westerberg describes his vision for the PW580: “…something not too heavy, that I could play quietly or full volume. It has a single pickup, and it sort of snarls. It’s lean, clean, and mean, and it doesn’t have that big, overdriven, fuzzy sound. You can get that with an amp, but the guitar itself doesn’t put it out, and that’s what I was looking for. There’s a definite old-school thing–it belongs in a garage. It probably sounds best in a garage playing surf music or something like that.

“The recipient loved the guitar. There was a chip in it however. Otherwise it was the perfect gift.”, Perfect Gift, Amy S. Condon


  • “The strings are terrible and need to be replaced, but otherwise this thing is so much fun to play. Every time I look to play, I’m picking up this one…”, are you kidding me??, Laurie
  • Here are the caveats:
    1. The output jack on my PW580 was a loose. 
    2. It’s a cheap guitar. A 4 star cheap guitar is still a cheap guitar.
    3. I play bass.That said, this is a fun and cool little instrument. It makes for great strumming while I watch the Tee Vee, it sounds pretty good through my little Vox amp (once I tightened the output jack) and it looks really really cool..”, cheap guitar nirvana, Dale Houston
  • “I bought this guitar mainly because I am a huge REPLACEMENTS/PAUL WESTERBERG fan but also I thought that it would make a great backup guitar for me in my band. I bought the guitar from AMAZON and was thrilled with the way it looked when I pulled it out of the box. I love the style of this guitar and couldn’t wait to play it. It is a “small” guitar and I’m a big guy so that was the first thing I wasn’t really happy about but that was not a big deal as long as the guitar played good and sounded good. That is when I became really disappointed. I don’t know if maybe I got a bum guitar but the strings have a terrible fret buzz and and absolutely will not stay in tune. When I do get it to be in tune it sounds great but that doesn’t last very long. I don’t know if new tuning machines would help but this guitar is only good for looks as of right now. I hope to get it into a workable condition because I love using cheap guitars and I love the way this one looks but I would suggest buying it as a collectors item and not something you actually plan to use.”, Could be better, Chris

Profile: C shape
Wood: Maple
Head stock: First Act Pompadour with white binding.

Wood: Rosewood
Inlays: Dot Inlay
Binding: White

Shape: Kei
Wood: Solid poplar
Binding: White

Color: Chrome
Machine Heads: Die-cast sealed tuners, configured 3+3
Pickguard: Custom plaid print
Knobs: White speed dials

Pickups: Alnico 5 magnet bridge pickup with First Act proprietary pickup cover
Controls: 1 volume, 1 tone.

Body: Gloss black
Neck: Natural satin
Other: Signature truss rod cover