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Van Morrison a Multitalented Musician

Van MorrisonVan Morrison was born in 1945 in Belfast, UK. His actual name is George Ivan Morison. He can play many music instruments, including guitar, harmonica, keyboards, drums and saxophone. He is a musician, singer and also a song writer. Since he has unique mix of folk, blues, Irish, scat and Celtic influences, he is widely considered one of the most unusual and influential vocalist in the history of rock and roll.

He was born in family who love music. His father collected American blues and jazz records. His mother was a singer and a tap dancer. He grew up with many kind of musical influence. At 13 he was playing guitar, sax and harmonica for local bands. At 15 he quit school and joins the local R&B band the Monarchs. At 17 he decided to leave his hometown and made his first tour along Europe with the Monarchs group.

His music has influenced many popular music artists. His career spans some five decades. He ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In 1998 he won a Grammy Award for his collaboration with John Lee Hooker on Don’t Look Back. In 2003 he received Grammy Awards nomination for Van Morrison in the ‘Best Contemporary Blues Album’ category.

On April 2008 he will release the 35th album ‘Keep It Simple’. There are 12 songs in this album. How Can A Poor Boy, School Of Hard Knocks, That’s Entrainment, Don’t Go To Nightclubs Anymore, Lover Come Back, Keep It Simple, End Of The Land, Song Of Home, No Thing, Soul, and Behind The Ritual. If you need Van Morrison Lyrics, Van Morrison Guitar Tabs, or Van Morrison Bass Tabs you can visit this site or search in Google with appropriate keywords.

For information about him you can visit his official website here.  Photo and some teks are taken from Wikipedia.