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Epiphone Dot Archtop

The Epiphone Dot Archtop is a classic amongst guitarists in rock and jazz. With construction modeled after the legendary ES335, the Dot Archtop is a great, affordable way to get the same familiar semi-hollow tone. The Dot shares much in common with the ES335 – from the alnico-magnet humbucker pickups to the set mahogany neck to details like the “Gibson” engraved trussrod cover and stopbar tailpiece.

The Dot Archtop features a classic semi-hollow design and a pair of humbuckers to provide warm, full-bodied sound. For versatility, the Dot also has a 3-position pickup selector, for guitarists to switch between pickup combinations. Its body binding and laminated Maple body looks great in the natural finish – or the Red or Ebony, too. The Dot Archtop has also got a beautiful price, making it a popular second guitar or backup axe. Finally, the Epiphone Dot is covered by Epiphone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can be sure this guitar will be in it for the long haul.
Good sound, buying this is the best deal you ever made. It is nearly perfect, you will be amazed with the sound. It is perfect for any music style such as rock or jazz.

Some switch made from cheap materials, but it is OK. Change the pickup if you need it. Overall it is a good quality guitar.

Good value with good quality.

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