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Squier Deluxe Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Squier Deluxe Stratocaster Electric Guitar21 fret Maple neck. Figured Maple top. 3 single-coil pickups
Impressive figured Maple top (Flame or Quilted) and White Pearl pick guard. Finishes like this are typically seen on guitars costing 10 times as much. It is an amazing value, and it’s a real Fender-designed Stratocaster! These special-run instruments are a cut above the rest in visual appeal.

In the future a case would be nice to include for an additional cost. Just to protect such a prize. Satisfaction guaranteed. Came with an Allen Wrench.

This guitar is very well made. High quality ESPECIALLY for as inexpensive as this is very nice. Anyplace you play it would be appropriate. It just fits you like a glove, like an old friend when you see them again. That’s something you don’t get with other brands Thanks Fender. Great workmanship and quality for the money.

Sounds like a strat. It sounds like a really angry, roaring tyrannosaurus, who is surrounded by 200 hungry raptors, who haven’t eaten for six years. Of course pickups could be hotter. But other devices pick up that easily. Looks and plays like a true Fender.

EXCELLENT value for the money. Check latest price.

Ease of Use:
Very similar with strat.  May play any gig you want, everything will fit nicely together.

Burst finish, Solid Alder Body, Sealed tuning keys, jumbo frets, Maple top, pearl pick guard. What a value, WOW!!! Not seen this value before. GREAT job Fender for offering a Deluxe Squire this way. Feels like an old friend who’s come home. Very appealing blad!

When you got what is Real Quality don’t need to search for anything because it is your question.

Technical Info
Model name: Squier Deluxe Stratocaster QMT or FMT
Series: Squier Standard Series
Body: Alder or Agathis
Neck: Maple, C-shape (polyurethane finish)
Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9.5 in. radius (241 mm)
Number of frets: 22 medium-jumbo
Scale length: 25.5 in. (648 mm)
Width at nut: 1.650 in. (42 mm)
Hardware: Chrome
Machine heads: Standard die-cast tuners
Bridge: Synchronous twin-pivot tremolo
Pickguard: 3-ply white pearloid
Pickups: 3 alnico magnet single-coil pickups
Pickup switching: 5-position blade
Position 1: Bridge pickup
Position 2: Bridge and middle pickup
Position 3: Middle pickup
Position 4: Middle and neck pickup
Position 5: Neck pickup
Controls: Master volume, tone 1 (neck pickup), tone 2 (middle pickup)
Strings: Fender Super 250L, nickel plated steel (.009 to .042)

Unique features: Quilt maple top, large sixties-style headstock, gold decal logo, engraved neckplate, white plastic parts,dot position inlays
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Squier Affinity Mini Strat Electric Guitar

Squier Affinity Mini Strat Electric GuitarThe Squier Mini guitar has arrived! It is designed for players of all ages. This 22.75 in. scale axe plays and sounds great. It features a double cutaway body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, 20 frets, 3 single-coil pickups, 5-way switching, master volume and tone controls, single-ply white pickguard, and a 6-saddle hard-tail bridge.

Performance and value – that’s what Squier is all about. By combining time-tested Fender designs, quality materials, and attention to detail, they have developed a family of affordable guitars, basses, and practice amps unequalled in their class. And for optimum performance, every Squier instrument comes factory-equipped with genuine Fender strings.

Has all the features of a regular strat. The features of this guitar are the same as full size guitars. No changes are necessary. Standard strat pickup selection switch. really like that configuration. 3 pickups (very nice output, crystal clean), nice switch, good intonation at each positions. Great finish, I can’t believe it cost $99.

Even though this guitar is under 100 dollars, it is of high quality. Really was surprised. Took it out of the box, tuned it and played it. A lot of bang for the buck.
It feels pretty good, but obviously not as good as other standard strats. The great sound keeps on flowing.

The sound quality of this guitar is very good. It sounds as good as full size guitars although with amp or not.  You could play any style of music on it and it would sound great.
Otherwise , the someone gave out his opinion are his use a peavey amp with and the amp isn’t all that good. All of his friends that also play guitar and that have used it say that its not that good of a sound and that its too small and that the neck positioning of the guitar is not that well for when you play.

Ease of Use:
This guitar is easy to play after you get used to the smaller fret spacing and the strings are a little closer together. This guitar is really made for smaller hands, i.e. children, but it is not a toy. So if you have big fingers you may have trouble playing this guitar. For adults, this is a good guitar to fool around with watching TV, sitting at your desk at work, or riding in a car. Don’t buy this to be your main rig unless you are a child or a beginner.

The price on this guitar is PERFECT !!! Because were the price is now it is more affordable. That means more people will buy and play it. For $100 you cannot miss with this guitar. Check latest price.

What could be more sexy than the “Mini Me” of guitars. Plug it in and kick out the jams. This guitar looks like a real strat and actually is a real strat, just smaller. It is a great addition to any setup. This guitar over a lot not only because of its great sound but it has great looks too!!! PS: If you put it in a metallic red it would look even crazier!!!!!! This is a great starting guitar for little fingers – He wish, he had that guitar 15 years ago. He would play better now!

Was looking for a smaller electric that would be easier on his back (have a full-size you could anchor a boat with) and easier to travel with. This guitar is no toy, unlike many other mini electrics you see for sale. Easy to play once you adjust to the shorter scale, sounds nice.

This guitar is a must have for any setup. You can put in the trunk of your car along with a battery powered amp or a headphone amp and take it anywhere (work, vacation, the park) to play whenever. I plan to play mine on my lunch hour. The size is perfect.

Technical Info:
Body: Solid Hardwood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Machine Heads: Die-cast Black
Frets: 20
Pickups: 3 single-coil
Controls: Master volume, tone
Switching: 3-way
Bridge: Hard tail

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