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ESP LTD VP407 Viper 7-String Electric Guitar

ESP LTD VP407 Viper 7-String Electric GuitarMahogany body. Set 3-piece maple neck. EMG active humbuckers. Tune-o-matic bridge.

The Viper-407 takes ESP’s hugely-popular double-cutaway model and makes it available in a 7-string version. The mahogany-bodied guitar offers an Earvana compensated nut as standard equipment, as well as white binding on the black satin neck and headstock..

For a mahogany body, this guitar is fairly light. It is very easy to play. This is a comfortable guitar. The only thing is when you play with a strap on it the first fret are a little far away compared to other guitars.

Would have liked it to be a string-through body, but it does fine for the heavy playing that you like to do. Just be careful with it, the paint on the body easily comes off if rubbed up against a hard surface.

This guitar works better with heavy distortion, just playing off of the amp doesn’t sound very well. Recommended to you a heavy metal distortion pedal. The guitar was mainly designed for lows and rhythm playing techniques, if you are a lead guitarist, the lower strings will easily drown you out.

Great price for the guitar, from a dealer for $750. Its a really good value, it came brand new with a lot (really a lot) of protections in the box to prevent scratch. Its the best 7 string you could get without paying 2000 bucks. Check Latest Price.

Easy of Use:
Easy to use, not really hard to go from a 6 strings guitar to this 7 strings. Easy to play with higher frets.

Features :
Set neck construction
25.5 in. scale
Mahogany body
3-piece maple neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Flag inlays w/model name at 12th fret
EMG 81-7/707 active pickups
Volume & tone controls w/3-way toggle
Black hardware
Grover tuners
Tune-o-matic bridge w/stop tailpiece
White binding on neck & headstock
24 XJ frets
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ESP LTD VP50 Viper Electric Guitar

ESP LTD VP50 Viper Electric GuitarTwo humbuckers. Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard.

The Viper’s sculpted Agathis body is extremely comfortable and big enough to ring out with full, rich, sustaining lead and rhythm sounds. Features include a Maple neck with 24 jumbo frets on a Rosewood fingerboard, tune-o-matic bridge with stop tailpiece, and ESP LH-100 humbucking pickups. No matter what style of music you play, the Viper-50 has the tone and easy playability to keep up with you.

Where you got it from came with a bunch of accessories, but you’ve done business with this company and there very good recommend getting products from them!!!!
When got it, the action was kinda high so he lowered it and this guitar is amazing. This guitar could be sold for about 350 easily.

Mine has a good body and the neck is easy to maneuver on the bridges sound great clean and crisp unless distorted then you get that ripping sound that all hard rockers want!!! only down set you had was the tone knob came loose easy fix though just a tighten and it was done, do recommend new strings with it though, but outta profession with your past basses almost any new guitar needs strings right away cause we all have our own brand that sound good to US… oh and one more thought on that you love the paint job very nice!!!!

The sound of this guitar recommend getting medium blues strings for a good over all sound between classic rock, metal, or even just every day nice guy playing. It sound of this guitar is amazing considering the price. as far as sound goes my only complaint is that the pickups are a little dull. The only thing you might want to change are the strings when you first get this guitar, their not that usable. But the guitar sounds nice through an amp. It sounds good both clean and distorted.

Ease of Use:
It is almost impossible to get to the wiring in the guitar. The back plate is on there really good, and once it’s off, it’s hard to get back on. It is a very playable guitar very easy to get the sounds you want. The advanced on this very easy, and in only 2 months of playing it gotten exceptionally better recommend this one for beginners very good starter guitar!!!

Well worth the money it costs and then some. You think it is one of the best guitars you’ve owned, and you’ve owned quite a few. Some costing 3 times what this one does…
His got mine on sale AT THE TIME!!!!! 150 dollars off of the dealer price of 299 yea dealer markup for ya! lol but yes for the price even if his did pay the 299 it would have been worth it all the way!!!!! And the others yeah…yes it is worth the 200$ to get it. Check latest price.

Well lets put it this way they want a badass design on mine but there are only 2 ways to get that and ones it custom air brushing and the other is the company you buy it from puts it on for you. But yes this guitar look sweet in any of the colors it comes in!!!!
Awesome look to it. ESP took the already cool SG shape and made it a whole lot cooler. The headstock has a nice look to it, too.

This is the best guitar have ever bought for 200 bucks. Its incredible. You will have it for a long time. The only thing they don’t like about this guitar is that the neck falls towards the floor when you let go of it because one of the strap holders is on the back of the guitar, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the playing ability of this guitar.

We will always use this one cause the ease of use and the fact of the matter is that this guitar is just plain a damn good sounding and looking guitar. We recommend that if your considering this guitar GET IT!!!!! you wont be disappointed, especially for “the new guys” of music creation!!! Changing the pick ups but you have done this with every guitar they own musically. It  is a little work horse and just needs to be tweaked to personalize it to your taste. We intend to keep this guitar forever. If something happened to it, we’d buy another one, no doubt about it. We tryed out ESP and really like their stuff. Like we said, this low end ESP is better than our mid level Jackson (Rhoades std) by FAR.

Technical Info:
Construction: Bolt-on
Scale: 24.75 in.
Body: Agathis
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dots with model name at 12th fret
Pickups: ESP LH-100 set
Electronics: Volume, 3-way toggle, tone
Hardware: Black
Bridge: Tune-o-matic with stop tailpiece
Frets: 24 XJ

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