Schecter Damien-7 7-String Electric Guitar

Schecter Damien-7 7-String Electric GuitarEMGhz7-A pickup set. “Pearl Bats” inlays.

Schecter doesn’t just build great guitars, they create them. Like works of art, each design is a work of art, individual, but still showing Schecter example of quality in durability, playability, and of course, sounds. The Damien-7 is no exception. With a bolt-on Basswood neck with Rosewood fingerboard and Basswood body loaded with EMGhz7-A pickups, anyone will admit that this guitar doesn’t just sound good; it looks good, too.

Feature :
This is a really sweet guitar that you should definitely consider to buy. The black satin, hardware, and bat inlays give such a phantasmagoric vibe. Beautiful and menacing at the same time. The most important. The jumbo frets gives you extra precision on fast fingering riffs and solos, it’s very comfortable. It never gets out of tune. It is perfect for any occasion. Whether it be practicing at home or in a band. The EMG pickups give it an extra crunch on palm muted riffs.

The quality for the price is ridiculous. It looks good, plays good, and sounds good. The distortion was too perfect. This is guitar comes in handy when you want to play an extreme metal song. The tuning machines are split up just like i like them, the body is heavy. It works good for songs that need dropped tuning.

The sound is clean the distorted rhythms are great, and the distorted lead is great as well and fat. This guitar will just work great in both studio and stage. This guitar will blow everything that gets on its way.

The sounds that come out of it are amazing, has played it on all kinds of amps. This thing beats the Hell raiser hands-down, and is worth every penny.

It is definitely worth the price. Check Latest Price.

Ease of Use:
For a seven string the neck is easier to handle then typical 7s. Ease of adjusted to the larger neck, but soon realized They were have to take the adjusting of it more seriously as it is a very different feel than a 6 string’s, and can potentially cause wrist damage if not handled the correct way. Found the neck slightly “slower” than my 6 string’s. When asked about it, found that it is a common thing among 7 strings. This too took minimal adjusting to become used to it. After maybe a week, it felt like any of my 6-strings.

This guitar is fantastic for any kind of low and heavy riffs, and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a 7 string. Apart from the musical side of it – VERY SEXY! One thing the sort of didn’t like at first was the slightly dullness of the color, although that might have been because was expecting a glossy finish.

Expect to be using this for quite a while. With the 7th string, it will serve its versatile needs for a good amount of time. Overall, very nice looking guitar.

Technical Info:
Construction/Scale: Bolt-on / 26.5 in.
Body: Basswood
Neck/Fingerboard: Maple/Basswood
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Inlays: Black “Pearl Bats”
Pickups: EMGhz7-A set
Electronics: Vol/Vol/Tone/3-Way
Bridge: TOM w/ thru-body
Binding: None
Tuners: Grover
Hardware: Black

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