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Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRG170DX Electric GuitarBasswood body. Maple neck. Two humbuckers and one single-coil.

Don’t settle for less. With Ibanez less bucks doesn’t mean less looks or less tone. Ibanez GRX guitars have the humbuckers you need for heavy rhythms and riffs; and exciting finishes worthy of a pro axe. To make sure none of the great tone gets lost in the sauce, GRX 6-string models feature the FAT-10 tremolo.

Basswood is a comparatively lightweight wood, which makes it very comfortable for extended playing. With a good balance of highs and lows, basswood is right in between alder and mahogany in sound character.

Rosewood offers a strong, bright sound and an attractive appearance with a long grain.

This had an alright amount of accessories. It came with a cable, manual, spring, and a bar. The bars really good but the cable broke within a day. The pickups on this guitar is very nice. This guitar is made out of basswood so its sort of light. Its thing and get to play solos. The twin humbuckers with the single in the middle is a nice touch. gives it a really rocky sound nice shark tooth inlays and awesome white binding. Considerably nice trem. The tremolo sometimes have  problem.

It was great right out of the box there were no missing or broken parts no blemishes. This guitar is strong, dropped it 2 times heavily on concrete and it still sounds and looks great and it still sounds great. But turning the tone knob all the way is almost like an off button.

3 piece basswood. Solid Body. A brilliant finish. Jumbo frets, they don’t tend to bend much. The tremolo system, this guitar is put together well and mine does not have any blemishes or loose parts. Surprising of the quality despite this thing being made in Indonesia. As with any guitar, if it is taken care of, it will last.

The sound is sweet and crisp EVEN though the amp was junk.  The two humbuckers makes the guitar sound great, but with the single coil pickup in the middle makes the guitar really sound at its best. Good sound in various switch positions, from clear to distort.

Ease of Use:
It’s a little hard. The fret board isn’t easy to move your fingers on and it untunes itself for some odd reason, and the bridge sucks (the whammy bar also messes it up the tuning) besides that, its very good for beginners and those in the middle of the intermediate stage.
5 options on the pick up switches. You can get a lot of combination using the HSH combination. It can handle rhythm & lead sections very easily. The plug it in to a good amp, and it will stand right up and even pass most in the same price range.

It’s definitely worth more than it’s price. This guitar is well worth the money. A good quality guitar for the money. You have to trust, this guitar is better than a RG270 series. Check latest price.

This guitar looks and plays and sounds amazing. The amazing color, and the style are all amazing. the Candy Apple Red and with the shark tooth inlays, this is a sharp looking guitar as an extra to play.

If you have confidence for Ibanez, this is a good choice for you to get a RG with an affordable price, this guitar is pretty lovely. This is guitar for beginners and it can be improved.

Technical Info:
GRG neck
Maple neck material
Basswood body
24 medium frets
Rosewood finger board
FAT 10 bridge
PSND1 (H) neck PU
PSNDS (S) mid PU
PSND2 (H) bridge PU
Sharktooth inlay
Chrome hardware

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Ibanez GSZ120 Electric Guitar

Ibanez GSZ120 Electric GuitarPoplar body. Maple neck. 2 humbuckers.
Evolution doesn’t have to mean more complicated. The GSZ has evolved into an even simpler instrument than its famous S ancestor. The comfortable, slim, poplar body is there. The GSZ also features a simple fixed bridge and a 25.1 scale neck that has a different feel than the S guitar’s 25.5 scale.

Basic features, but they fit the guitar. It has some great features like the bass wood neck and the pickups are pretty good, they have a great sound awsome tone, but after a wile you might need to replace them my only regret is that I doesn’t come with a wammy bar. If you play rhythm this is the guitar for you but if you just want to get a guitar that looks cool and sounds great this is the one.

I believe this guitar was put together nicely. The 3 way switch give a big difference in each position. the only thing it doesn’t come with ,that I would have liked better is a floyd rose.

The look of the guitar is beautiful. Flawless finish. very smooth neck not sticky or dry. Very sturdy and well put tighter. This is a great little axe. The strings on this guitar they really complement the tone. The neck is just like a wizard II neck just a tiny bit bigger. It sounds really good and doesn’t cause much feedback when I turn it up. The tuners are ok but I will be replacing them with sperzel or grover, as well as a full customization, even though this guitar does stay in tune for a long time.

The problem flaws are minor paint drips in difficult to see areas. They did an excellent job here and un-finished fretboard, other than that its a great little guitar.

This guitar is easily as good, if not better than some of the more pricier and flashy Ibanez products. So the price was great. I suggest picking one up if your on a tight budget. Check Latest Price.

I love this guitar because it produces really nice raw metal sounds, which really go well with my style of music it makes a great sound its a good taping guitar. The neck is incredible and feels awesome.

Practice more and more, now i have people come to my house to listen to me play. When I first got this guitar I also bought a peavey rage 158amp with it, it is a beautiful combo.

Ease of Use:
It’s a great beginner guitar. The frets stick out on mine and cut you fingers but you get used to it. The 3rd string always go out of tune because of the way the head is shaped, but other than that it’s an awesome beginner guitar.

Definitely a good looking instrument.  It has served me well, and has survived numerous attacks from my strap coming off my mike stand when I throw it around at shows. Its a work of buety to hold and it looks cool to play especially when you get to the hard stuff. Has a smooth sleek body style that looks as cool as it sounds. Exact mine is done well, it’s comfortable. wanna try it with the WD-7 Ibanez

This guitar is awsome its worth buying and it should last a very long time so don’t worry about it breaking just make sure to change the strings on it once you get it because the strings have probably been on the guitar for a long time. Good condition but if it does get damaged beyond repair than i would buy another one even if it meant selling my ESP and maybe my LES PAUL CUSTOM.

Technical Info
GSZ neck
Maple neck material
Poplar body
22/medium frets
Bound rosewood finger board
Standard bridge
AX1 (H) neck pickup
AX2 (H) bridge pickup
Pearl dot inlay
Black hardware

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