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Ibanez Mikro GRGM21 GIO Electric Guitar

Ibanez Mikro GRGM21 GIO Electric GuitarThe Ibanez Mikro GRGM21 can truly shred in smaller places than its competitors.
The Ibanez Mikro is not a toy – made to the same high standards of the other GIO series guitars. The RGRM21 has the same high-output Powersound pickups, the same construction, materials, set-up and inspection. It’s just shorter, a 22.2-inch scale neck instead of 25.5-inch, and smaller. That makes it perfect for tour buses, songwriting, running scales while downloading and, of course, for young rockers and beginners.

Love the sound from the pickups! The string action is very light, perfect for a beginner or an accomplished player. They do not come with tremolo systems, which for me would be a drawback, but for my son it actually is great, because it will save me from having to tune it up every time he used it. Great for rock, blues, or jazz.

There are no strings but the guitar is in great condition. Dropped it twice, didn’t break a thing. The neck is perfectly solid and beautiful. The finish is very hard to scratch or damage as well as the pick guard. I feel comfortable with lots of use of this guitar. The only thing though is its size can make a worry.

Its a good price for what you’re getting. Ok for the price I got my red mikro at, 120$ I would pay the price double just to keep it. after looking at this guitar and playing it for the first time I would of never guessed it to be this price. I would guess around 3 or 400 dollars. wow. It has the looks of a 500 dollar guitar with sound of a 300 dollar guitar. so they could of made the price this way because of the bodies size, but really that’s just an added bonus to me. Cheap and sounds like a bought it for 1000000 dollars. Check latest price.

The shark tooth inlay on the fret board makes this guitar stand out from the other Start copies. The pickups are much better than the usual single coil from this type of guitar. This is a great looking guitar. I can sit and look at it for hours. I’m looking to get a Ibanez RG 350dx and this guitar actually looks similar to it. It has the black on candy apple red which is my favorite combination. it is available in other good colors to. The neck is a beauty I love the shark tooth diagrams. Beyond that just set it down and step away and stare at it and u will just want to kiss this thing

This guitar produces a way better sound than it looks it would. The pickups can sound great for metal, softy stuff, or just any rock. I think it could have a 5 way toggle switch but it still produces great sounds w/o.

Ease of Use:
It is very playable. The smaller body makes great for good solo play on the 24 fret neck. Its hard enough to get to 21st fret on my start so this makes things all fine and dandy. For a fat metal or rock sound I simply just use the neck pickup. and the bridge pickup is great for a thinner moderate rock sound that cant be beat. If u can play a regular standard sized guitar this one is no different except a lilt easier. Pretty easy to use. I got small fingers and it’s easy to move the strings around without having to strain.

This is the perfect sized guitar for my 9 year old son. The double coil pickups and the shark tooth inlay were the reasons for buying this one over the Stratocaster Squire. I was very happy when the guitar came perfectly set up, ready to play. I would definitely buy another one.

The guitar was a backup or extra axe to have when I buy my 350dx Ibanez. but after purchase and playing time with it its now more of my main go to guitars. I love that about it. Great pickups smooth sound. Great for rock, blues, or jazz.

Technical Info
Neck: GRGM
Scale: 22.2 in.
Neck Material: Maple
Alder Body: Best known as the body wood for the “classic single coil, bolt on neck guitar,” alder produces clear, full bodied vintage tone that works well for lead or rhythm work.
Fret: 24, Medium
Rosewood Fingerboard: Rosewood offers a strong, bright sound and an attractive appearance with a long grain.
Bridge: Fixed – This design offers thru-body stringing for stronger tone and sustain.
Neck Pickup: PSND1 (Humbucker)
Bridge Pickup: PSND2 (Humbucker)
Inlay: Pearl Dot

Technical Detail
Ibanez GRGM21 Mikro Compact Electric Guitar Specifications
• Body Material: Poplar
• Neck Material: Maple
• Neck Scale: 22.2 inches
• Type: Bolt-on
• Number of Frets: 22
• Fret Type: Medium
• Fingerboard: Rosewood
• Inlay: Sharktooth
• Bridge: Fixed
• Hardware Color: Chrome
• Neck Pickup: Powersound PSND1
• Bridge Pickup: Powersound PSND2
• Controls: One Tone, One Volume

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Ibanez GAX30 Electric Guitar

Ibanez GAX30 Electric GuitarAX and GAX guitars have everything you need (and nothing you don’t)  for heavy-duty modern rhythm and lead playing: 2 hum buckers, a 3-way switch, and a crystal cut body of Mahogany or Agathis. Ibanez’ GAX guitars started out as the best selling inexpensive Ibanez guitars in their history — now they’re one of the best selling guitars of any kind in the world.

Raw simplicity and power in a crystal cut body of Mahogany or Agathis. AX available in 6-string, 7-string and set-in neck models. D-tuner models in AX and GAX offer the simple solution for achieving alternate tunings.

Features of GAX30
GAX neck – Lovely slim maple neck with that “dry-sanded” feel to it. This is one crucial feature that Ibanez have got right on all their guitars that I’ve tried. With the limitations that the price would normally impose I’m surprised to find a neck of such quality on this instrument.This bolt on 24.75 in. Neck is designed for strong rhythm playing as well as leads. The Ibanez GAX30 has features which are normally found on much higher priced guitars. Check Latest Price.

Headstock – This is a nice tidy design, what an interior designer might call “contemporary classic”. Three a side configuration.

Nut – Black plastic, neat and accurate. The top slopes back at the same angle as the strings towards the splayed headstock.

Fretboard – Dark rosewood, smoothly finished with traditional dot markers.

Frets – Medium large with rounded profile.

Action – Good action straight from the box which in conjunction with the excellent neck make this a very playable guitar.

Body – Agathis body in a kind of fat-bottomed SG shape. Although I do like the SG body a lot, I’m old enough to appreciate a fatter bottom. A nicely contoured edge and through-body stringing complete the picture.

Bridge – Nice, simple plate bridge with an individual saddle for each string with two keys for height adjustment and one key for intonation.

Pickups – Two open-coil humbuckers in black.

Controls – Single volume and single tone, each sporting those sexy Gibson-type knobs. One three-way position selector. 

Pickguard – Obviously SG-inspired but with a more angular shape. Made from two-ply plastic, black on white.

Strap-buttons – Good and secure.

Output Jack – On lower edge set in oval plate.

Finish – The translucent red finish on this model is really lovely, bringing more echoes of the SG. But, if you want to break that spell, it’s also available in black or white.

The tone switch a volume knob and tone knobs are good, good for beginner. Has a nice set of pitch and pickups with a switch but the tuners an unbranded type that are covered rather than sealed . Generous knobs with a smooth and accurate action. If you get better your go need more. But the material is so light weight, which makes it very comfortable to play sitting or standing. Amp is ordinary in the starter package. Needs a Whammy bar apart from that it’s a pretty basic guitar.

The Ibanez GAX30 is a very well made guitar with a finish which is normally found on much higher priced guitars. The bridge is well made and easily adjusted. The fret board is easily played all the way up past the active fret. This product is made very well, didn’t pay for any shipping (which was awesome) and there is nothing wrong with it. very sturdy, you could probably through it at the wall a few times and it would be fine. And capable use it on the road.

But the tuning keys are plastic and potentially a weak point so have  a terrible and the same with hardware is horrible. The tuners can adjusted by adding Sparsely tuners and eventually some Seymour Duncan pickups to get even more years out of this guitar, until you can afford something high end.

This is a great price for a guitar this level. although, you do get what you paid for, so only use this for beginning the courier. Still have enough to get an amp, well-made, solid axe.

Well it doesn’t get much easier then this guitar, the tone and volume knobs in obvious locations, and the pickup switch is easy enough to use but doesn’t do a whole lot tone wise unless you really crank it. I use a multi-effect with it to get different sounds, and I enjoy it overall play-wise, My only real issue is the cord plug-in area isn’t very convenient if you sit while playing often compared to other guitars.      

It’s got a pretty fat body on it compared to other guitars giving it a sexy tone and sound. That’s what set it apart from some other guitars I jammed on in the shop that were low end. Sex on a Mahogany stick. Practical, good guitar to have without having to worry about dinging it up.

This guitar sounds pretty good, the tone switch doesn’t make much difference. that’s about all that I don’t like. I can play pink Floyd, ac/dc, and green day songs pretty good and that’s all I really play so I like it. Good tone too. I’ve had mine for a long time though, almost six years. Amazingly, it’s held up great. the thing is built like a tank.

This guitar has an awesome sound for the price nice switch. This is a perfect guitar for beginners.

The Ibanez GAX30 is an awsome sounding guitar. It is great for any type of rock. The sustain is incredible and it is very easy to play.

Ease of Use:
Its really simple and easy to use the ease of use is okay I’m not a big fan of the bulky style but that’s me and the headstock gets in the way. The slim neck makes it easy to go through chords.

Well it doesn’t get much easier than this guitar, the tone and volume knobs in obvious locations, and the pickup switch is easy enough to use but doesn’t do a whole lot tone wise unless you really crank it. I use a multi-effect with it to get different sounds, and I enjoy it overall play-wise, My only real issue is the cord plug-in area isn’t very convenient if you sit while playing often compared to other guitars.

I was very impressed with this guitar in terms of playability. For the price this neck is simply lovely. The looks score top points as well. A straight SG copy will always bear the stigma that it’s not a real SG. The GAX 30 will always be a GAX 30.

The sound from the dual hum buckers will satisfy any bedroom-jockeys or garage band players. In fact I can see a young player falling in love with the playability and looks of this guitar and opting to upgrade pickups a couple of years down the line.

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